Nail trends you need to know about for Summer 2020

Forget plain pastel nails for summer, we are all about BOLD designs. We’ve rounded up our favourite nail trends so that you can be 100% prepped as soon as the salons open again.

We have stalked insta for the coolest nail trends, so you don’t have to. You can thank us later. If you’re feeling confident and you have a little time on your hands (who doesn’t), why not break out the colours and give them a go yourself?

Nail trends to try

From subtle coloured tips, gradients and neons, to full-on hand-painted butterflies, there’s a little something for everyone.

Cartoon clouds

These cute fluffy clouds are an absolute dream. Unlike the previous cloud nail trend that started in January, these little cartoon designs are totally DIY-able with a dotting tool or thin brush. How cute would these nails look with a lace white dress?

Tie dye nails

Okay so we are already obsessed with tie dye, but tie dye nails just hit next level. If you wanna have a go at home, try it with a sponge or old beauty blender. If you wanna be THAT person, match them to your tie dye loungewear.

Rainbow french tips

Level up your french mani, with multicoloured tips. These are pretty much guaranteed to brighten up your day, even if the weather is a little gloomy.

Cow print

Love them or hate them, cow print nails aren’t going anywhere. They have even been the faves for Arianna Grande and Kendall Jenner. Plus, if you wanna have a go at home, the pattern doesn’t have to be neat in order to be effective.


Okay these might be a little tricky to do at home, but butterfly nails just hit different. You can ask your nail artists to hand paint them or buy nail stickers online.