New shows and movies dropping on Netflix in May

Netflix has a sh*tload of new TV shows and movies dropping in May, which is EXACTLY what we need in lockdown. We’ve rounded up some of the best new shows you’re gonna be binge-watching. You’re welcome.

New shows and movies to watch

Discover your new fave shows, as well as the latest seasons of some of your faves.


Where? Netflix

The brand new show from Ryan Murphy (the creator of AHS, Pose, Glee and loads more), is a period drama set in the 1940s. It follows aspiring actors and film makers as they try and make it in Hollywood’s most glamorous era.

Dead To Me- Season 2

Where? Netflix

If you haven’t seen season 1 yet, it’s time to get binge-watching. Dead to me follows an estate agent and mum of two (played by Christina Applegate), who is dealing with the sudden death of her husband. At a group counselling meeting she makes friends with Judy (played by Linda Cardellini). The pair soon become close friends, but Judy has a lot more going on in her life than meets the eye.

Schitt’s Creek – Season 6

The ultimate light-hearted and binge-worthy series, Schitt’s Creek is back for its final ever series. Expect tears, laughs and the usual drama from Alexis and David. If you need a little cheering up during lockdown, the Schitt’s Creek has got you covered.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverand

Think Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, but Kimmy Schmidt. This new feature length episode lets you choose the story. The interactive Netflix special has options for you to click, creating your very own episode of Kimmy Schmidt, the dream right? (As long as we can choose Titus to appear in every single scene, we’re down for it).

Space Force

This comedy is from the guys that brought you the US office and stars Steve Carrell. It follows the ‘new branch of the armed forces’. They are tasked to defend satellites from attack in outer space. The trailer doesn’t give much away, but we cannot wait.

Like you needed another excuse for a pyjama day, loads of snacks and a takeaway. Happy binge-watching and stay safe.

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