New Year's Resolutions for your star sign

New Year resolutions seem like a good idea, until you actually have to stick to them. I mean who can give up cake for more than two weeks?! This year, why not try a resolution that truly focuses on you, your traits and your relationships? Scroll down to find out the perfect New Year’s Resolutions for your star sign.

Resolutions for your star sign


Aries are known for their seriously high energy and non-stop attitude. 2020 is an opportunity to chill the f*ck out. Take a step back, focus on yourself and find something that relaxes your mind and body. Try practising yoga to meditation (you’ll thank us later).


If you’re a Taurus, you’re probably a creature of habit. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s good to do something that scares you. Your goal for 2020 should be to try something new. This can be as small as trying a new food for the first time, or as big as taking up pole dancing. You got this.


Geminis are the ultimate social butterflies. Use 2020 as an opportunity to log off Instagram and make the effort to see your friends in real life, instead of just commenting fire emojis on their photos. 🔥


Cancer’s new year resolution should be to speak up more! Make your voice heard, you have plenty to say and people wanna listen. Set yourself a goal to ask a question in your next uni lecture, or contribute an idea in a work meeting.


We all know that Leos like to indulge in a little retail therapy every now and then, but 2020 should be a year to save some money. Try and grab yourself a bargain and focus putting money to one side for fun sh*t like holidays and trips with friends.


Don’t be afraid to be proud of your achievements. Virgos tend to be humble, while this is a good trait, it can also mean that people miss the amazing things you have done. Being proud isn’t the same as boasting, so speak up and let everyone know your worth.


Libras are the most laid back of all the zodiac signs. A new year is the perfect opportunity to leave the lazy attitude behind and focus on a new sport or fitness hobby. It’s time to improve your mental and physical health at the same time.


Known for being creative and deep thinkers, Scorpios often find it hard to say what’s on their mind. In the new year, try putting your thoughts to paper. Try writing a journal or even just jotting notes in your phone.


Don’t let your adventurous streak get the better of you. In 2020 try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of tiring yourself out with socialising and partying. Reserve one weekend a month to staying in, treating yourself to a takeaway and chilling out.


Capricorns should learn to loosen up a little in 2020. Known for a strong work ethic and self-discipline, it can be difficult to let go of control. Make it your resolution to find more time for hobbies and spontaneous plans.


Aquariuses are known for being honest, sometimes a little toooo honest. Your resolution should be to focus on being less blunt. Think about rewording your comments before you say them out loud or text them to a friend.


Known for being the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, Pisces can struggle to let go of grudges and resentment. Make 2020 your year to start fresh and leave your emotional baggage behind.

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