In Your Own Skin: Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Here at Missguided we think that everyone should not only be comfortable in their own skin, but should love the skin you’re in. Whether you’re prone to breakouts, have birth marks, freckles, scars, have a skin condition, or whatever it might be – these are the things that make you, YOU. You might have seen our recent #MakeYourMark campaign – our mission to inspire girls to love themselves for themselves and embrace their flaws.

Acne is totally normal, anyone who says they’ve never had a spot is lying… Take note from mega babe Kendall Jenner, who was recently photographed with acne at the Golden Globes and tweeted, “never let that sh*t stop you!” We’ve found some inspiring people who are on a mission to change societies perceptions of beauty, all skin is beautiful and they’re here to prove it. Check out their stories below.

Aleese Wilson (@oddfreckles)

We’re in love with Canadian model Aleese Wilson (@oddfreckles), you might have spotted her walking in the H&M x Erdem show last year. Or if beauty is more your thing, she recently modelled in make-up queen Pat McGrath’s newest Mothership Ball campaign, as well as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty AND Fenty Puma. Aleese promotes self-love though her Instagram, if you don’t follow her already then get to know.

Peter Devito (@peterdevito)

Peter Devito is a photographer and illustrator from New York who created this series of photographs to show that acne IS normal. You might have seen this image on social media, it was recently re-posted by Cara Delevingne with the caption “It’s so wrong that if I had taken that picture of myself, then I wouldn’t have posted it… thank you to women who are brave.” Supermodels are more and more utilising their voice to provide awareness on body image, this is a step in the right direction and we hope to see more models overcome their own insecurities and do the same!

Isabella Fernandes (@fauxnandes)

Isabella Fernandes (@fauxnandes) recently modelled for photographer Sophie Mayanne’s (@sophiemayanne) project ‘Behind the Scars’. The project is completely un-retouched and has featured in an exhibition curated by @girlgazeproject. The project speaks about how often scars are often used in films to relate to villains, she wants to change this perspective and see them as a positive body part. We’re inspired by Isabella’s smile, positivity, self-love and appreciation.

Carissa Pinkston (@cisforcarissa)

We can’t get enough of this photo, featuring models Carissa Pinkston (@cisforcarissa) and Ralp Souffrant (@souffrantnyc) and shot by Jason Hardwick (@jasonehardwick). Carissa’s Instagram posts are not only stunning but also with equally inspiring captions, saying “This says a thousand words and is an accurate display of my feelings of utter brokenness at one point in my life but like always, I choose to keep moving forward!”.

Maya (@mbajsb)

Maya (@mbajsb) was diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa at only 18 months old, she is another model who took part in Sophie Mayanne’s project ‘Behind The Scars’ and hopes to use her voice to raise awareness of the rare condition. She says “So much of my day is spent managing my skin or being in pain from it. But now more than ever I need to remind myself that I am still the same old me. I am still beautiful and this condition that I will be lumbered with for the rest of my life, does not define me as a person. It will always be a huge part of my life but i will never let me take over my life.”

Ash Soto (@radiantbambi)

Meet Ash Soto (@radiantbambi), the model and social media influencer who promotes body confidence through her own photos. She describes her body as ‘having the world painted on it’ and she even turns her body into art by painting along her marks! She says “Don’t let stupid little things like people’s opinion or judgement break your confidence. Let that inner fire shine through. No one can burn it out if you don’t let it. Smile because you believe you are beautiful. Smile because you are worthy. Smile because this is your happy body and no one can tell you differently, I’m spotted and proud about it.”

Keep on being you – it’s a really great look.