The Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be very tricky and people have been experiencing them more than ever during lockdown. Whether your partner is at the other side of the world or a ten minute drive away, more and more couples have undergone long periods without seeing each other. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite apps to make life a little easier.

Apps for making long distance relationships feel easier

Anything that makes the days apart a little less lonely is worth a try right?

Couple Game

See how well you really know each other with this fun quizzing app. Choose categories ranging from favourite food to sex positions. Why not have a few drinks whilst you play together? Or even introduce forfeits such as removing an item of clothing if you get a question wrong.

Couple game app for long distance relationships


The Without app is specifically designed for couples in long distance relationships. It keeps bae at the forefront of your mind. You pick one person to share this app with and it sends you cute messages such as the weather in their locations, selfies and notes.

Without app


The Honi app is perfect for couples that wanna spice things up a little whilst they are apart. It includes card decks with dares, fantasies, would you rather questions, sex tips and even positions to try next time you are together.

Honi app for long distance relationships


If you and bae are in different time zones, the app When Do will make your life a lot easier! It shows you the time in their location and a photo of them, cute right? It will make scheduling calls and making time for each other so much easier!

WhenDo app

If you’re gonna partake in any virtual calls with your partner, you’re probs gonna want a new outfit for it. Or maybe some new lingerie, because it’s what’s underneath than counts.

If you’re single, dw you can still have a little fun on your own. Take a look at our tips for exploring yourself.