ICYMI: The best of MissPieded

ICYMI we celebrated National Pie Day by asking you guys to tell us about the times you’ve been pied. Let’s just say that your stories were even more embarrassing than we were expecting.

To save you scrolling for hours, we’ve rounded up our fave tweets from the MissPieded thread.


MissPiedid Tweets 🥧

If there is one thing that makes being pied bearable, then surely it’s the chance to win £500 in Missguided vouchers, right?

MissPieded or MissBrided, you decide. What do you even wear to your Tinder dates’ engagement party?

Who says three’s a crowd babe? Be the best third wheel you can be x

The only thing that would make this worse, is if you had paid for speedy boarding too.

Is nowhere safe anymore?! The only thing more embarrassing than being pied, is being pied on video and entered into a competition.

Don’t change for anyone babe (unless they buy you a really expensive trip to the hairdressers with full cut and colour).

Never stop networking babe. Swipe right on the hustle.

The lesson of this story is… TANNING👏MITS👏FOREVER👏

Dumped by two girls in one night. Now that’s impressive.

We call this ‘gentlemanly ghosting’. At least he put safety first and then unmatching second.

We are dying to know which Islander this is. You’ve got us feeling like Wagatha Christie with all our digging and Insta stalking 👀🔍

At least you have an excuse for a really cool cover up tattoo?

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