The Chat Up Lines That Made Us SICK

Roses are red, violets are blue, chat up lines make us sick, what about you? 

There’s nothing worse than dry chat with your latest Hinge match, right? Wrong. Pick up lines are worse, much worse.

We took to Twitter and asked you guys to share the worst chat up lines you’ve ever heard. It’s safe to say they made us die a little inside. You filled Twitter with some absolute FILTH, but we went for the ten that made us cringe the most.

Babes of Missguided’s 10 WORST chat up lines

1. If Netflix has taught us anything it is to not trust a Joe.

Joe Goldberg, creepy chat up lines

2. Well, it’s more commitment than we are used to. You do you.

3. Anything that causes a burning sensation is a NO in our books. 

4. Er, the only balm we’re about is Dr. Pawpaw

5. Independent women don’t need no man to become a baerito, just a duvet.

6. Sorry what?! Respect for Megan because disobedient avocados sound like something you can only buy in the posh supermarkets.  Anyone got a discount code for Ocado? 🥑🥑

Rebecca Love Island Avocado

7. Don’t know about you Leonie, but we’d marry him. 

8. Excuse me mate, but there is no palm oil here #savetheorangutans

9. Well that escalated it quickly.  Think we’ll pass on that ta 👎

10. Well, we don’t know about you but we’d rather have wine. It’s still fruit right? 🍷

If you made it through these tweets without dry heaving, then head to the full thread for even more terrible chat up lines. 

Reddit reveals CRINGE-WORTHY chat up lines from Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.

If those Twitter confessions weren’t enough, then we scoured Reddit for some dating app chat. Cheesy horrors or stellar lines? You decide! 

Funny chat up lines, tell me more
  1. We love a cheese pun but this isn’t grate…🧀 Yeah, we wouldn’t date us either. 
Cheesy puns are the best… hoping for a reply. from r/Tinder

2. Pass the glitter. We are LIVING for Kesha chat up lines! 

Sorry i had to from r/Tinder

3. This lass really grows on you… 

I thought it was funny from r/Tinder

4. Glad this babe stuck to her guns in this imaginary grocery store. 

“Sir this is a grocery store” from r/Tinder

If you were susceptible to any of these smooth one-liners and cheesy puns you might need to prep with our latest date night drop and a spritz of Babe Night.

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