The Friday Debrief 03/01

Welcome to the the Friday Debrief 03/01. It’s officially the first one of the decade. We’re here to help you beat the back-to-work blues and three day hangover, with our weekly fix of celeb gossip, news and fun sh*t from the internet.

Friday Debrief 03/01

Emma from friends finally woke up

Remember the one where they made a video for Emma’s 18th birthday?!

Does that make you feel old yet? Emma would legally be allowed to drink, get a tattoo and get married.

Monica and Chandler Friends Friday Debrief 03/01

The Bieb is back

Justin Bieber’s first single for 2020 is here, Yummy. He shared a small clip on Christmas eve, such a tease.

As if that wan’t enough, he’s got a new Youtube documentary premiering on Jan 27th.

Coachella 2020

The Coachella lineup for 2020 has been released. *Brb just crying at our empty bank balance*. The headliners include Rage Against The Machine, Travis Scott & Frank Ocean. Don’t worry babe, at least we can live vicariously through everyone else’s Instagram pics.

Coachella Lineup Friday Debrief 03/01

Pink hot chocolates are here…

The new 2020 Costa menu has dropped, bringing with it vegan “meat-free smoky ham & cheeZe’ toasties, a range of coconut lattes and wait for it…. bright pink hot chocolate.

Do your insta feed a favour and get a snap of the Ruby Cocoa Hot Choc ASAP.

Pink hot chocolate

Top Boy is making a return

According to Drake himself, Top Boy will be returning to our screens in 2020 🙌. He was responsible reprising the series after it was dropped from Channel 4 in 2013. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s time to get binging!

GRM Daily

That’s all for the Friday Debrief 13/01 check back to the Babezine next week, for an all-new issue.

In the meantime, why not treat yourself to something new? After all, you deserve it.