The Ultimate Student Checklist

If you thought the panic was all over now that you have your results, think again. Now it’s time to think about what to take to uni. Not sure where to start? We have you covered, with our ultimate student checklist:

Toiletries and Bathroom Items

  1. Toothbrush & toothpaste –
    Keep those pearly whites sparkling for that insta-perfect smile.
  2. Towels –
    Take a few, cause it’s a faff to wash them so you’ll probs never bother…
  3. Flip-flops –
    Trust us, if you’re in a flat with a shared bathroom you are going to thank us for this one…
  4. Medication –
    If you need regular medication then obvs make sure you take that with you. Stock up on painkillers too – They will help you through those hungover 9am lectures.
  5. Tampax
    A girl’s gotta be prepared for that monthly visit from Aunt Flo, and Tampax will have you covered for any eventuality.

Electronic Essentials

  1. Laptop –
    If you’ve got one, take one. It’ll save you having to live in the library when you’ve got assignments due. Plus, how else are you going to watch cat videos on Youtube at 4am…
  2. Mobile phone & charger –
    It would be pretty hard to forget, seeing as it’s pretty much permanently glued to your hand, but make sure to remember your charger too. You’ll be kicking yourself if your phone dies when you’re trying to jot down that cute guy’s number from your lecture.
  3. Headphones –
    ESPECIALLY essential if you’re in a shared room to block out the inevitable snoring, but also great for concentrating at the library.
  4. USB stick –
    Honestly, you’ll thank us when it’s two minutes to your deadline and you can’t get on your emails to print your assignment. We’ve been there…

Life Admin

  1. ID –
    Make sure you take your passport or driving license – Partly because your uni will probably want to make copies, but mainly so you can get into all the clubs during freshers’ week, obvs.
  2. Student finance deets –
    Money talks, babe, and if your student loan doesn’t drop bang on when you’re expecting it, then you’re going to want to be able to get in touch with Student Finance ASAP.
  3. Bank details & card –
    And on the subject of money, don’t forget your bank card! It’s pretty hard to make new friends when you’re dodging out on your round at the pub all the time.
  4. National insurance card –
    If you decide to make some extra dolla on the side, you’re going to need your national insurance number to get any kind of part-time job.


  1. Pots & pans –
    You might not be Gordon Ramsay, but chances are you’re going to have to cook something at some point…
  2. Crockery & cutlery –
    Take some plates and knives and forks. Nobody wants to be eating baked beans straight out the tin with their hands.
  3. Cleaning stuff –
    If you’re in a shared kitchen, chances are it’ll be pretty grimy at times. Make sure you flatmates have no excuse not to clean up after themselves by providing the cleaning supplies.
  4. Tupperware – 
    Student budget 101: A daily Tesco meal deal is not the most cost effective way of eating. Cook extra of whatever you have for tea, then pop it in a Tupperware and take it into uni the next day for lunch.


  1. Underwear –
    Take a full range, so you are covered from Bridget Jone’s period pants to adult sleepover appropriate lace. 
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  2. Pyjamas & loungewear –
    Trust us, you’re going to be spending a LOT of time lounging around your halls hungover, so make sure you’ve got some seriously comfy clothes – Think joggers, casual jumpsuits and oversized sweatshirts. 
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  3. Jeans & a nice top – 
    You never know what might happen at uni, so get an outfit that can take you from lecture to cocktails. The classic jeans & a nice top combo will have you covered.
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  4. Casual outfits –
    Most of the time, you’ll want to go pretty casual with your outfit for uni, so go for an ultimate laidback cool-girl look. Think denim, t-shirts, bodysuits, or sweatshirts.
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  5. Out out –
    It can be tempting to want a new outfit for every night out, but as a student, you’ll be out so much this could be an expensive habit. Go for basics that you can mix & match, and dress up or down with accessories.
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