#trending: your face. the SS18 beauty trends your face will thank you for

2018 has seen make up trends go bold and beautiful, with even more available to us we’re experimenting more and more with how we show the world our faces. The following beauty trends take inspiration from recent fashion weeks as well as social media #inspo. Whether you’re opting for more natural day-to-day wear or testing bolder trends, try these out when you’re bored at home on a Sunday afternoon, or trial it out at that big occasion you’ve got coming up to make sure attention is all on you.

Brushed Brows

The brushed brow has been trending for a while now and we predict it being a major part of your everyday make up routine. Brows are key in defining your make ups style and overall look, this super natural aesthetic suits those with a fuller brow. Gone are the days of over plucking, embrace your brows and show them off hun.

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Glowing Highlighter

Nothing is more on trend right now than that dewy moisturised glow; keep dead and flaky skin at bay with a strict moisturising routine, drinking plenty of water and a selection of highlighters to take you from day to night. With summer just around the corner and the sun beginning to come out again, an everyday highlighter will keep you looking radiant AF.

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 Metallic Bronze Lids

This look isn’t anything particularly new, but we’ve seen it come back more this year. A bronze metallic lid is an uplift of the more traditional ‘smokey-eye’. Try it at home with a gel eyeshadow to really get that high shine on your lid, combined with a string kohl eyeliner and black lashes for maximum effect. This style is definitely one for when you’re going out out, just make sure you stick to a relatively nude lip so you don’t throw the tones off balance.

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Under Liner

This might seem to be a bit more on the obscure side but bear with us, the ‘under liner’ has been seen making all the waves at fashion week this year. This is an adaptation of the ‘floating crease’ liner which sits just above your eyelid crease, try this version too with either black or a pop of colour. A feminine take on an old-school goth-style look to bring a bit of edge into 2018.

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