Weird TikTok beauty trends you need to know

Insta and YouTube, move over- TikTok is the new official home of beauty. Sometimes it can be difficult to find makeup tutorials, sending you in to a downward spiral of dance challenges and cute animals. To save you time and effort, we’ve rounded up our favourite viral TikTok beauty trends of 2019.

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The #Lipstickchallenge

Start by drawing a lipstick line down the centre of your lips, then without using your hands or an applicator, evenly distribute it to create the perfect pout. (Just a tip, it works best with a liquid lipstick or gloss).

Hair straighteners as curlers

It’s time to cross hair curlers off your Christmas list, because believe it or not, your straighteners double up as an easy curling tongue. It’s the TikTok trend everyone is obsessing over.

Fake Dimples

Create adorable dimples for your selfies and videos, with the easy TikTok beauty tutorial. Although, we have a sneaking suspicion that it may just look like smudged brown eyeliner IRL.

Heated eyelash curlers

Okay, this beauty trend is at the very top of the stupid scale. It consists of heating your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer before using them on your face. For the sake of your eyesight, please don’t try this at home…

Pimple stickers

We are allllll about this cute trend. Why hide your pimples and spots when you can make them into a star?!

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