What to Take to a Festival

Packing for a festival is stressful with a capital S – Especially if your festival is based in the UK. You’ve got to pack enough stuff to cover you for literally EVERY weather eventuality (thank you British summertime) but make sure it can still all fit in a tiny rucksack you won’t mind lugging a couple of miles over a muddy campsite. If you’re having a breakdown over what you should be taking, then take a chill pill babe. Let our handy guide on what to take to a festival do all the hard work for you so you can focus on working out how you’re going to smuggle in your cans of dark fruit.

Daytime Clothing


Obviously, you’ll spend most of your days until the music starts trying to ward off the mother of all hangovers, so comfort is key when thinking about your daytime outfits. Pack like a pro when working out what to take to a festival, and focus on comfy casual wear that can be dressed up in the evenings. Think bodysuits that look just as good tucked in joggers as they do in a leather skirt and oversized t-shirts that be worn as cute dresses if you want to get your legs out later. Leave your thick hoodies at home and focus on layering to keep yourself warm – Honestly, you’ll thank us when your bag doesn’t weigh a tonne.

What to take:

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Statement Clothing


Festivals are a great opportunity to make a style statement, and wear outfits you wouldn’t normally be able to (kinda like Halloween but with more sequins, and less fake blood). Fall for every cliche in the book, and go for crochet, sequins or fringing for the ultimate basic but babein’ festival style. Bodysuits are a great way to turn some heads if you’re in the mood to flash some skin. Or, if you want something a little less predictable, then why not try a different approach. Co-ords are big news in 2018, and festivals are the perfect stage to rock them. Embroidery, flares, prints and crop tops are all styles you could embrace if you’re feeling brave enough.

What to take:

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I mean, you’re heading to an outdoor event. In the UK. Where it rains A LOT. You don’t need us to tell you to take your wellies if you want to avoid an absolute mudbath. It’s just common sense! However, don’t feel constrained to stay in uncomfortable rubber footwear for the whole time you’re there. If the heavens align, you might get some sunshine (fingers crossed, hey), and you’ll be thanking us when you’ve got something other than sweaty wellies packed in your bag. Gladiator sandals look great with most festival outfits, and trainers are really handy for throwing on if you’re nipping over to the portaloos, so make sure to pack both options.

What to take:

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what to take to a festival


In the stress of working out what to take to a festival, accessories might well be at the bottom of your priority list. BUT, the right accessories can make or break an outfit. Plus they don’t take up much room so are perfect for changing up a look. Starting with the basics, a small bag is essential for all your valuables when you’re out all day. A great bumbag or crossbody bag will be perfect for your cash, tickets, phone and lippy – Everything a gal needs. Next, a killer pair of sunnies is essential (whether for protecting your eyes from the sun or hiding your hangover – you decide). Jewellery is another item you shouldn’t be without – Has any outfit ever not been improved by hoop earrings?

What to take:

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Keeping up some semblance of a beauty routine can often be the most stressful part of working out what to take to a festival. We hate to tell you, but your 8 step skincare routine is not compatible with tent life, soz. For just a few days, ditch the fancy lotions and potions, and focus on the basics. Makeup remover, moisturiser, and your most stripped back makeup bag are all your gorgeous face needs to look fabulous. Just make sure you have a detox face mask at the ready for when you’re home. Oh, and when it comes to looking after your silky mane? Dry shampoo is your only friend. Spray it loud and spray it proud – Big hair is here and we are loving it.

What to take:

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