What to Wear to the Airport

Airport outfits are a tough one. There’s something incredibly glamorous about jetting off somewhere sunny. You want to wear 6-inch heels and a wide-brimmed hat, to evoke Audrey Hepburn vibes. However, you don’t want to be limping around the terminal with blisters when you’re probably going to have to run for your plane at final boarding call because you were too busy with your airport cocktail. Your travel clothes have to bridge the tricky gap between comfy, but cute; flight ready, but fierce. We’ve rounded up our favourite airport fashion looks to help you work out what to wear to the airport this holiday season:

Ticket Outta Here Trousers

missguided what to wear to the airport wide leg trousres travel outfits


Wide leg trousers are a godsend when travelling. They’re super comfy, look AMAZING, and will keep you cool when you reach your (hopefully dead hot) destination. Stripes are big news this year, and they’ll make you look taller even if you’re perfectly petite. But, any pattern of trousers is a good choice when looking to stand out from the crowd. Style yours with a cropped t-shirt and trainers for a smart casual look. The best part is, you’ll just have to swap your trainers for barely-there heels when you get to your hotel and you’re cocktail ready. Absolute winner. 

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Just Hand-Luggage Joggers

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 Joggers aren’t only for hungover Sundays, and if you style them right they can be the perfect basis for a fire outfit. They’re perfect for flying in too, as the elasticated waist and cuffs will leave you comfortable even if you’re bloated after your airport beers. Team with a sweatshirt for the plane, and a cami body for when you land and the sun is hot hot hot. Then, simply roll them up and leave them at the bottom of your bag until you fly home, or wear them with crop tops for a cute, casual style while you’re away.

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Security Ready Slip-Ons

what to wear to the airport


Footwear is probably the most important decision you have to take when working out what to wear to the airport. You need a pair of shoes that you can do loads of walking in (you’re always departing from the furthest terminal away, every time) and that will go with your outfit. Trainers are a safe choice, as ar sliders. Thanks to the activewear trend of 2018, you can literally style them with anything and look great. Also, you can slip them off and on again with ease when you’re going through security – Who has time for that hassle when you have airport shopping to do, right?

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Duty-Free Dash Double Denim

missguided double denim airport outfits inspo


Shopping should be an Olympic event right? Especially when you’re running around a duty-free shop, trying to find a bargain while your name’s being called over the tannoy for final boarding. That sh*t is intense. Super stretch denim is the perfect answer to what to wear to the airport. Go for Vice jeans that mould to your shape rather than restricting you so they won’t dig in when you’re sat on the plane. Pair with a different coloured denim jacket for a 2018 refresh to this classic look – Or look for a patterned style to really stand out.

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Touchdown T-Shirt Dresses

missguided t-shirt dress travel outfits inspo


You can’t get much comfier than a t-shirt dress, right? Wear yours to the airport for a casual but feminine take on traditional travel outfits. Wrap a belt around your waist to define your shape, or wear loose and oversized for laidback vibes. Choose a brightly coloured dress to bring the sunshine to your look – You don’t want to be wearing black on holiday! The best part about this airport outfit is that it can take you from day to night. When you reach your destination you don’t even need to get changed, just head straight out!

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