Legit Date Ideas – For Summer and beyond

It’s officially summer. The hayfever gods have fully taken over, all our money is being spent on fruit ciders from expensive beer gardens, we’ve come out of hibernation and have actually started to shave and fake tan our legs.

Dating in winter usually means you’re restricted to bars and restaurants, with a taxi there and back because it’s too cold or icy to walk in heels. Dating in summer opens up a world of activities. Suddenly Go Ape seems like a fantastic idea, why hadn’t you thought of it before?!

Check out our suggestions for dating in summer, or general fun summertime activities with your friends if you’re avoiding any f*ckboys from entering your life. Thank us later.

Dinner Date



You’re a traditionalist, and for you dating is all about gazing over the table at your one true love – Food. Opt for a restaurant that has a lot of glass or big windows so the sun can shine in, or has plenty of floral decorations to bring the season inside. Make sure you order a three-course feast and even if you and your date have nothing to say to each other, it won’t matter because your mouths will be full the whole time.  

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Activity Date


Still in Paris 📷 @emmajademorrison

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Does drinking on a boat count as an activity? It does in our world. Don’t worry, if boats aren’t your thing there’s plenty of other weird and wonderful activities out there that you might not have even thought of. Use it as an opportunity to try something new! If your date isn’t from your area, then you can give them a tour and take them around the best tourist hotspots – You might even get a chance to do something you’ve never done before.

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Day Date


Let’s be honest, is there anything more satisfying than day drinking: Tipsy by mid-afternoon and home by tea-time (probably). The best thing about this kind of date is that you can make it last as long as you want, so if you’re really into them you can extend day drinks into an evening meal and beyond.

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Mate Date




If you’re flying the flag for single ladies, then what better way to spend your summer than being with your gal pals. The activities are endless. Whether you’re having food and drinks in your garden, going for brunch or doing as the Jordyn and Kendall are doing and… having a water fight?! Either way, we’ve got you covered. You and your girls are spending the night together, because who needs a man when you’ve got each other right?

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