What to wear for every food delivery situation

We’ve teamed up with Just Eat to help you find an outfit for every food delivery situation. Whether you are heading for a picnic in the park, having a movie night or sharing a pizza on a socially distant date. We’ve got you covered.

Family night in

If you don’t fancy heading out to restaurants at the minute, you can order your favourite dishes straight to your door. Whether it’s your brother’s birthday or parents’ wedding anniversary, we have just the solution. Opt for a floaty smock dress. This will feel like you are making an effort, but you can still eat exactly what you want without the waistbands of your jeans getting gradually tighter.

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Girls’ movie night

Judging by the amount of wine that will probably be consumed, you must beware that your girls’ movie night will be published on everyone’s stories, so it’s time to level up your pyjama game. Forget the baggy stained t-shirt you ALWAYS wear to bed and opt for something a little fancier. A big night in is the ultimate excuse to treat yourself to a matching pyjama set. 

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Picnic in the park

Ditch the disposable BBQ and opt for something truly tasty from your favourite local restaurant. Level up your picnic with fresh sushi, gourmet burgers or whatever you fancy. Opt for the classic jeans shorts and a nice top, for an easy breezy outfit, perfect for lounging around in the sun.

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Hangover day with bae

Nothing cures a hangover like a HUGE food delivery and some comfy clothes. For this situation we suggest, no we urge, a pair of joggers. It’s non negotiable. Top tip: If you want the delivery driver to think you’ve actually got your sh*t together when you open the door, opt for a matching loungewear set. 

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