WTF Do I Wear for Massive Boobs

An Actually Useful Guide

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16 May, 2019

Fully fledged member of the big t*tty committee? If you are, then you’ll know the struggle. You find the perfect outfit, order it in your size… It fits literally everywhere else, but your boobs are on a mission to break free every 2 seconds. Fab. That’s why we thought we’d round up the best stuff for you in our actually useful guide to dressing big boobs…



Trying to find a bikini that holds everything in is probs the toughest challenge for the summer. One wrong move in the pool and everything is out. Step away from the triangle bikini, and opt for something with a bit more structure to it; something that’s gonna show off what you’ve got, but keep everything where it should be. 



It goes without saying, a wrap dress is always a safe bet. We’ve got a tonne of new ones that have just landed, but we get it – nobody wants to wear the same style of dress for the rest of their life. The alternatives? Milkmaid styles, corset fits and one-shoulder dresses. Scroll down for some of the best ones on site RN… 



It won’t be news to anyone, but button fits are not our friends. Instead, probs go for a side-tie top, lace up bodysuit or anything with a v-neck. Just cos you wanna dress your chest properly, doesn’t mean you don’t wanna hide them (am I right?). Here’s some of our top picks for you to choose from…