Nailing The No Makeup Makeup Look

Did you wake up fresh this morning? No, us neither..but we’ve got 4 easy steps to help you nail the barely-there makeup look that will have the office wondering HOW you’re glowing pre 9am and pre double-shot latte.

And the good news is, you probably have everything you already need in your makeup bag to get fresh-faced. Right, let’s go…

1.  Step away from the foundation!

You might have been up all night on a Netflix binge but piling on layers of thick foundation is not the answer. It can make you look cakey, and will not sit well on dehydrated, tired skin. If you have time, pop on a face mask in the morning to prep your skin. Then, try a hydrating face primer for a dewy glow instead. It will smooth over lines and even out skin tone.

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2.  On point brows

Our obsession with brows is nothing new, but when you’re going for the barely there look, your eyebrows are the main event. Put down the tweezers! Overplucking is not your friend, and nobody wants to look like a mid-noughties throwback. Invest in a brow kit with natural colours to define and maintain a healthy brow look the whole day long. Dab some highlighter under your arch to make your brows pop.

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3.  Go easy on the eyes

Put down the rainbow eyeshadow palette, it is not needed this early in the morning. What IS needed is natural eyeshadow look, and a mascara infused with caffeine and a double dose of fibres to give even the sleepiest of bed lashes a lift and fuller look. Who needs sleep when they’ve got mascara right?

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4.  Less is more lips

Nailing the barely-there look is pretty simple, you just need to highlight all the babein’ natural features you already have. When it comes to the lips, embrace your natural colour and choose a basic, clear lip salve to complete the fresh face look. No dodgy liner drawing required, and it will hydrate your chapped lips. Simples!


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