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With some beauty trends taking social media by storm, some are pretty extreme and might not all be for you. There are a few classic trends that will always be timeless, a good moisturiser, mascara and lipstick can sometimes be all a girl (or guy!) needs. It can sometimes take a while to find that perfect shade of lipstick for you – do you opt for matte or gloss? Lip liner or without? You can massively simplify this by testing out your basic shade first, and then add the extras over time.

Check out our top lip colour shades for spring 2018 below.

Natural Plum

This shade isn’t too drastically different to a natural lip colour tone. If you’re new to wearing lipstick this is a good place to start, the warm tones will compliment most skin types and it’s not too dark that you can still wear it with a slightly heavier smokey eyeliner. What’s great about this colour is that it’s great for both day and night if you’re going to keep one lipstick in your bag where ever you go – this one can be applied whatever the occasion.


Fresh and Pink

This feminine pink shade looks best with a slight gloss for that ultimate fresh appeal. When you wear a lipstick that’s lighter than your skin tone it can be harder to pull off with a matte effect. Gloss gives the lightness that extra shine to make it really work for the rest of your make up, whilst also giving a fresh summer look. Some lipsticks will have a moisturiser built in, but if not make sure you regularly exfoliate and moisturise your lips in preparation.


Matte Maroon

 This deep burgundy/maroon shade is perfect for all year round. Although this tone is considered more of an autumn/winter shade, wear it to that spring/summer wedding or any evening occasion. The matte effect really lends itself to this shade, wear with subtle smokey eyes and false lashes for maximum effect. For matte lips, it’s best to moisturise and prime your lips beforehand to avoid them looking dry.


Summer Berry

This super fresh shade is perfect for summer this year, the bolder tone pairs really well with bright and open makeup. Wear with natural brushed brows and a really good mascara to open up your eyes. This is the perfect day-wear make up for when it’s sunny outside, or even for a first date. A cute addition is matching your nails to your lipstick if you’re organised enough!


Check out some of our top lip picks below.

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