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21 Dec, 2017

2017 beauty saw the likes of beauty trends such as the gloss eye – amazing in theory, but in real life, a gust of wind and half your head is stuck to your eyeballs. Without forgetting the unicorn highlighter – we don’t have an awful lot to say about this, we love unicorns but do we want to look like one, no thank you. So, this is the practical guide to 2018 beauty trends you need to get on your face now.

Golden highlighter

Gold highlighter is the perfect shade for all skin types to give you that envy-inducing glow that will look like you’ve been chilling in Bali for the past two weeks when actually you’ve just been living your life in Bolton.  Apply to cheekbones, the bow of your lip and down the centre of your nose.  Also doubles as a great eyeshadow for everyday wear.  And of course, if you’ve made the effort to put gold on your face you probably need somewhere to head so these are the going out pieces you need to shine in as hard as your highlighter. Like these new in highlights…


Glitter eye

Why simply shine babe when you can sparkle?! Glitter eyes have been all over our insta feeds and it’s the beauty trend you need to buy into now. However, don’t just save the glitter for after-hours looks – work a simple glitter eye into your everyday beauty routine, simply dab onto lids, a flick of eyeliner and ta-da you are done babe. Glitter eyes are the perfect way to mix up your usual daytime look – also a great look for boozy brunches and require minimum effort – win, win. Here are the perfect looks too match your new and improved lids for daytime drinking.

Wet look red lip

Ok so granted, red lips may be a classic look – but 2018 introduces the wet-look red lip.  Invest in a super pigmented red gloss or simply use a matte red lipstick and add a slick of high shine gloss for a statement-making lip.  Rock in the day with a super paired back eye or work a highly lined eye and super sexy lip for a vampy after-hours look sure to turn heads.  Avoid prints with this look and work block colours and let your lips do all the talking…


Brushed eyebrows

Step away from the tweezers, call your eyebrow lady and cancel that appointment because in 2018 the bushier the brow the better, praise be.  A brushed boy brow is the look you’re after, perfect for natural daytime looks that may or may not roll into a night time thing.  Invest in a good clear brow mascara and simple yet standout looks.

Block colour lids

2017 saw the pastel eye, but this year we are going BOLD.  Block colours aren’t just for wardrobes this year, up your eyeshadow game with oranges, yellows, reds and bright blues.  This is the perfect makeup look to add a pop of colour to monochrome outfits.  Go all out with bold bright lids for a night out, or add a pop of colour to the corners or creases of eyes to mix up a daytime look.  Shine bright like… well some bright eyeshadow pallets.

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