Choosing the best lipsticks for your skin tone

Tired of ordering lipsticks online without being able to try swatches first? Yeah us too. Since we have no idea how long it will be before we can try out different shades at a beauty counter, we’ve got a foolproof guide to help you choose the perfect shades EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
Whether you wanna go bold and bright, or embrace a neutral shade, we’ve pulled together loads of tips from all over the internet to make sure you can order with confidence.

The easiest way to find your new favourite shade, is by identifying your skin’s undertone (this is also really helpful for choosing makeup too). The majority of people, no matter their skin colour, will fall under the tones ‘warm’, ‘cool’ or ‘mixed’.

How to identify your skin undertones

Cool undertones
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You can identify a cool skin undertone if you have a pink or red hue to your skin. You’re more likely to have cool undertones if you burn easily or you can see your veins through your wrists.

When shopping for bright or red lipsticks, opt for something with a blue-ish finish (no we are not suggesting bright blue Ichiban like Joey from friends). Think cherry or purple-y reds over coral or orange shades. If you wanna go for something nude or subtle, try out rosy pinks to enhance your natural lips or a taupe beige.

Lipsticks for cool undertones

Warm undertones

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If you have olive, yellow shades or golden tones to your skin, then you probably identify closest with warm undertones. One easy way to tell is by looking at the veins in your wrist, if they appear to be green rather than blue, then you probably have warm tones.

When looking for lipsticks to complement your skin, choose traditionally warm colours. We are talking bold oranges, terracotta and huey reds. For subtle or nude lipsticks, look for a colour that corresponds with your skin tone. Eg. If you have lighter skin, choose a pale nude that looks effortlessly natural, if you have darker shades, choose a darker, richer colour.

Neutral undertones

If you you haven’t identified with either of the above, you probably have a neutral undertone to your skin. This means that the base of your skin is made up from pink and yellow-ish shades.

You are the lucky ones because your skin complements most colours on the palette effortlessly, basically just a free-for-all. However if you want advice on choosing a nude shade, just judge by your personal skin colour. If you are pale, try a light pink hue, go for a taupe or mauve if you have medium skin and if your skin is dark, choose a berry shade.