Easy Christmas Eye Makeup Inspo

Just wing it…

Christmas Day Eye Makeup Blue Glitter Missguided

With Christmas Day just around the corner, we wanna give you a little inspo for some eye-popping Christmas eye makeup looks. It’s safe to say that you might not be attending a huge family dinner or having a get together with friends this Christmas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel yourself by dressing up and going all out with your makeup for the big day. Get that Christmas dress you’ve always wanted, switch up your makeup game. Do whatever you want, we’ve made it to Christmas.

Get scrolling below to find some of our favourite inspo pics, Christmas makeup looks and beauty products to achieve a festive eye.

Christmas eye makeup inspo from Missguided

Take a look at some of our favourite Christmas makeup looks. Scroll down for some seriously killer makeup looks, perfect for Christmas day.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner Christmas Eye Makeup Missguided

Being able to apply graphic eyeliner is a major win. There’s no reason to make it complicated. Take the photo above – not only is this extremely easy, but it looks way more complex than it actually is. Pair this eye look with a festive Christmas jumper and leather trousers for an on-trend look.

Gold eyeshadow

Gold Eyeshadow Christmas Eye Makeup Missguided

If you wanna go classic this Christmas, go for gold eye shadow. Layer different tones to get a natural but eye-popping look. No need for precision. Pick up one of our gold eyeshadow palates and layer tones of gold to get a look you’re feeling this Christmas. Go all out and pair this with a gold bodycon party dress to wow the dinner party.

Pop of colour

Purple On Inner Eyelids Christmas Eye Makeup Missguided

We all know the pop of colour on the inner eyelids was a massive trend back in summer. But, this trend can still look fab for Christmas. Go darker and pair a muted colour in the inner eyelid with mauve lipstick and stack fluffy eyelashes for a winner Christmas eye makeup look. Pair with a mauve knitted cardigan for a cohesive look.

Traditional with a twist

Red Wing Eyeliner Christmas Eye Makeup Missguided

Traditional Christmas eye makeup looks can be so boring. Switch it up and pair a classic black smoky wing with red glitter under the waterline for an insta ready look. Pair this eye makeup look with a red knitted jumper, a white shirt and chunky black boots to feed the gram this Christmas.

Still, planning your Christmas Day outfit? Take a look at our Christmas jumpers, loungewear and Christmas party dresses for the holiday season.

However you celebrate Christmas this year, keep safe and most importantly, enjoy.