Easy hairstyles for greasy hair

Simple updos that will hide a multitude of sins

Written by Liv Grady

March 19, 2021

easy hairstyles for greasy hair

Greasy hair has been a bit of a non-issue in lockdown. Either we stick it in a bun, because nobody is going to see it, or we wash it because we have a LOT of time on our hands. It has been a long time since we had to get ready in a rush and doused ourselves in dry shampoo, in the hope that nobody notices our oily roots. In celebration of lockdown easing, we have rounded up some easy hairstyles for greasy hair. All you need is dry shampoo, bobbles and a couple of bobby pins. Nobody will ever know that you couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair before you left the house. It will be our secret.

4 easy hairstyles for those greasy hair days

Maybe you are trying to leave your hair longer in between washes, or you just can’t be bothered spending 20 minutes drying your hair before you go out, whatever your reasoning for greasy hair, we aren’t gonna judge. Try out these easy hairstyle ideas, so that nobody will ever know. Before starting these styles, liberally apply dry shampoo to your roots and tease through to remove any white residue.

Top products for styling greasy hair

1. THe Bubble braid

The bubble braid is a versatile and easy updo for greasy hair. You can do a high braid, split it into two braids or start the ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure the first tie with a bobble, then use thin elastic bands for the segments. Once you have put the bands in, slightly tug on each section to give them a little volume.

bubble braid hair style

2. The half-up bun

You can’t go wrong with a half-up bun. This messy and casual style hides a multitude of sins, especially if you are suffering from a greasy fringe or bangs. Pile the top half of your hair into a messy bun and add dry shampoo to the section just below.

half up messy bun

3. The Bandanna

The bandanna is probably the fashion girl’s best kept secret to hiding greasy hair. If you can’t be bothered styling it, just cover it up. Tie your fave scarf over your hair in a triangle shape and secure with bobby pins. Take a look at our ultimate guide to styling a headscarf like a pro.

bandanna for hiding greasy hair

4. The plaited buns

If you know anything about styling greasy hair, you know about french plaits. If anything, these braids are a lot easier to do on greasy hair, because it makes them more secure and less likely to slip out during the day. To replicate this style, simply french plait your hair to the base of the neck, secure with a bobble and twist the pigtail into a bun. Add an extra bobble and a couple of hair slides to secure each bun.

low plaited buns

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