Emulsion: Your Skin Saviour

Have you ever loved a moisturiser, but wished it had a different scent? Or obsessed over a face mask, but wished it was more tailored to your dry skin? Welcome to the stage, Emulsion. One of the newest beauty brands to join Missguided, we are LIVING for the versatility.

Emulsion is basically the skin & haircare brand that lets you build a personalised product. Each kit contains a base that can be used on its own, or you can power it up with essential blend add ons, available for whatever your skin or hair needs.  Keeping you covered from day to night and catering for oily, dry or normal hair/skin, EMULSION is the brand to turn to for customising your beauty routine.

Emulsion at Missguided

We’ve pulled together bundles for you to pick from, or you can just stick to the basics. Whether you struggle with greasy hair or dry hair, oily skin or combination, we’ve got you covered.

Back to basics

Unfragranced, natural and easy to use, these skincare bases are an essential in any beauty obsessive’s daily routine. Plus, if you also invest in a bundle, you can mix and match the add-ons to customise your base.

Emulsion bases


We’ve created custom bundles for you to try. Each one comes with a base and an add on. These add ons are made from fragranced essential oils that are carefully mixed to complement different skin or hair types.

Emulsion beauty face cream and add ons

Haircare bundles

Team up a shampoo or conditioner base with a custom serum to help you tackle dryness, greasiness or to enhance a normal hair type.

Skincare bundles

Combat oily or combination skin with a customised kit. Add a few drops of the carefully selected add-ons to your face cream or body wash and use daily.

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