Brow Tutorial: How To Get Killer Brows

Missed our live brow tutorial on our Facebook? We’ve got you. This will be the only eyebrow tutorial step by step you’ll ever need in your life. Your face will thank us.

Step One

Comb through your brows with a clear gel. This can tame unruly hairs if you’ve got curly hairs that never quite stay in place. It also sets the base for the next few steps.

Step Two

Some of us aren’t blessed with perfect eyebrows. If they’re looking a little sparse towards the tail-end of your brow, you can fill in any gaps with a cool-toned eye-shadow powder. This helps give the appearance of fuller-looking brows within minutes.

Step Three

No one likes felt-tip pen eyebrows. Gently brush through with a brow gel to add hair strokes that look au naturale!

Step Four

Clean up with a concealer on the top and bottom. This helps eliminates any blips in your brows caused by over-shaping. It’s a pro tip to have when you’re in a rush to get out the door and off to work or you just want to give your brows extra structure without the plucking.

And you’re done! Brows on point.

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