Wanna know how to get your festival #hairgoals just in time for the festival season? These are the 5 festival hair looks you need to know about, and how to recreate them yourself, before packing up your wellies and tent and heading off on your annual pilgrimage.

Side Ponytails

Missguided festival hair inspo side ponytail

The 90s called – The side ponytail is back. Who sported a sleek and high side pony in decades past? Holla babe, me too. Unlike its retro ancestors, side ponytails for festivals in 2018 should be worn low and messy. Try curling your hair before you go, piling on the hairspray, and sleeping in braids to maintain the look. Sweep your hair to the side and either clip or use a scrunchie to fix. Leave out baby hairs and a side fringe for a more unkempt, bedhead look.

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Neon Wigs

missguided festival hair inspo neon wig

Want to get head-turning festival hair this summer, but not sure your boss would thank you for it the following Monday? A neon wig is a great no-bleach option. The best part is it’ll hide your tent hair, so you don’t even have to worry about your own greasy locks! Let your hair do the talking and coordinate with a black, muted outfit, or go all out in head to toe neon for a full festival look. Add braids and hair rings to the wig for boho vibes.

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Messy Top Knots

missguided festival hair inspo top knot

When you’re on day five of festival hair, no amount of dry shampoo is going to save you. Throw your hair up in a top knot to hide your roots – You can even go for a half-up-half-down look if the rest of your hair looks ok. The key to an effortless top knot is texture. Once your hair is tied in a ponytail on top of your head, backcomb for extra texture and height then pin each section to the base of your ponytail to create a bun shape. Leave some strands loose at the front for festival vibes.

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Multicoloured Braids

All-over braids are probably best done by a professional but worth every penny for this fire hair look. The ultimate answer to not being able to wash your hair at a festival! If you want a more toned-down look, go for long french braids, worn down your back (clip in some extensions if you’re not blessed with the length). We are obsessed with pastel hair tones, but if you don’t want to commit then pick up some hair chalks and go wild (or use L’Oreal’s Colourista range for another non-permanent option).

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Au natural

Let nature take its course and go crazy with the dry shampoo and backcombing. Salt spray can help to fix your natural wave and add a sexy, bedhead texture to your locks. A little dancing right up by the stage will help with added height and texture too. If your hair has taken as much beer, sun and sweat as it can handle then throw on a hat or headband to hide the worst of it and look cool AF. Western styles are big news in 2018 and will go amazingly with a fringed jacket and denim shorts.

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