Introducing FOREO LUNA Play Plus 2 and sheet masks at Missguided

Supercharge your cleansing routine, and enjoy our new library of masks to help treat concerns

Written by Liv Grady

October 13, 2021

foreo luna supercharge cleansers

If your social feeds are anything like ours, they have been dominated by cleansing devices for the last 6 years. Wondering what all the hype is about? Because, same. FOREO have been leading the market and for a very good reason. We are now officially converts and we are gonna let you in on the hype.

The LUNA Play Plus 2 sits at the lower price range of FOREO products, but still uses the same technology as devices costing £169+.

What sets the LUNA Play Plus 2 apart?

Seen a dupe or something EVEN cheaper? The reason why FOREO have reigned supreme for so long is because they were/are the only creators of this device with a patented technology which still to this day can’t be mimicked.

This drives your daily cleanser deeper into pores, buffs the surface of the skin and allows the next steps of your routine to work better. The techy term is T-Sonic pulsations, and this is a form of sonic technology which works on a cellular level, with no scratching or spinning to manipulate the skin. Meaning that this works for all skin types and leaves no one out, which we’re all for especially in 2021 everyone should be aiming for this.

“This drives your daily cleanser deeper into pores, buffs the surface of the skin and allows the next steps of your routine to work better.”

We hope you like peach. This is one of the most unique of the colours in this device and it’s already live and available HERE. Priced at £49, it’s priced around the same cost of a few bottles of your best cleanser but will last up to 600 cleansing sessions! It’s also bacteria resistant, so there’s no maintenance with the device, just maybe give it a wash with hand soap every so often if you want to.

Our top tip is to make the most of its waterproof credentials and use this in-shower, using this over your chest and shoulders if you suffer with any breakouts or body acne (we all can, and something I use my LUNA to help tackle this).

Discover FOREO masks for your skincare routine

Once you have finished using your LUNA, your skin will be perfectly buffed and primed ready for your skincare. If you are looking for a specific treatment or some TLC, the FOREO sheet masks are ideal. These don’t require a device and are based on traditional sheet masks but make it 2021 approved and biodegradable.

Just choose your favourite mask, tear open and apply like a regular sheet mask. However, what sets them apart from regular sheet masks, is the feeling. They mould and react to your skin’s natural heat and fit more comfortably. They also leave your skin feeling surged with moisture. Our personal favourite is Acai Berry, it is the most plumping and hydrating whilst containing antioxidants to further protect the skin after application.

If you are wanting accelerated results and you have the FOREO UFO device already at home, you can tap into it’s dual mode nature and run the device with your chosen LED colour over the mask, further infusing it into the skin using the patented technology you would have become used to.

Do your skin a favour and shop the full FOREO collection online at Missguided now.