An Actually Useful Review To frank body’s Skincare Products

Looking for skincare with attitude? Get dirty with frank body.

This month, we’ve got down and dirty with every babes favourite man, frank. Recommended by beauty editors worldwide, Aussie-based frank body sent us a whole load of coffee-based, natural products for the MGHQ unicorns to try out. Here’s what we thought when we put his skincare on trial…

The Original Coffee Scrub

For when you don’t want to drink your coffee, but want to put it on your bod. This product kicked off the frank body revolution in 2013. Don’t get us wrong, it’s incredibly dirty – our bath looked like we’d spilt the beginnings of our Starbucks latte all over it, but its rich antioxidants gave us a smooth peach that’s for sure.
The world of skincare doesn’t often accommodate various skin types all in one go. Some babes aren’t all tough. But frank body even accommodates dry and sensitive babes who need a little extra TLC when it comes to their skincare regime. Look to Frank Body’s coconut scrub that has all the fancy stuff in to nourish and replenish. There are also different flavours to try, like Cacao – which smells like chocolate cake and Peppermint which is perfect post-workout, if you feel like mixing it up.


Glow Mask

If you’ve had too many Thursday wines, or you’ve hit freshers hard, the frank body Glow Mask is the absolute one. Woken up with your face looking puffier than usual after a night on the lash? No worries, this is 5 minutes of your time well spent to hide that hangover, babe. The end result is as smooth as that feeling you get when you’ve shaved your legs and got into your bed with new sheets. No, we’re not even joking. It’s also ideal in winter when ever-changing weather plays havoc with your skin or summer when your avoiding the office air-con. It’s ultra-moisturising without leaving your skin oily. A win-win all round.


Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo

lip kit frank body

Your lips can get dry all year round, not just in winter. To make sure your lipstick lasts and you get rid of your dry skin, preparation is key and frank gives us this great combo to help. The Lip Scrub and Balm Duo, ensure that no matter how many f*ck boys you’re kissing, your lippy is going nowhere. PLUS, all profits from lip kits sold in these last few days in September will go towards Pink Hope: a charity and community that offers support to women suffering from breast and ovarian cancer. Let’s face it, frank body are taking over skincare for women the world over. Amen!


Body cream 

Described by the man himself as “a bowl of frosting for your bod” it’s that… and more. Made from easily absorbable shea and cocoa butters, the sensitive babes are covered. Add this frank body Body cream into your morning routine, straight after a good scrub down with the Original Coffee Scrub and you’ll be ready to face the day or just watch cat vids on your sofa, whichever.


Sweet cheeks kit

Feeling cheeky? This is a three-step product that keeps your face healthy and prevents those pre-Saturday night breakouts. It takes those nasties away from your face without stripping your skin. Kicking off with a Creamy Face Cleanser, followed by a Creamy Face Scrub and an Everyday Face Moisturiser, you’ll be feeling well… creamy. In a good way of course, these products keep your skin hydrated and prepped for any weather.

Want to try more? Head to frank body to get even dirtier. And don’t forget to enter the competition on insta here.

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