How to apply false eyelashes perfectly every time

Your guide to foolproof falsies

False eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes can seem like an art to some, whereas it’s second nature to others. We’ve created the ultimate guide to ensure that you can apply them perfectly every.single.time.

We all know what it’s like to have finished getting ready, hair done, makeup perfect, only to ruin it with a pair of eyelashes that just won’t sit right. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to pull them off, along with your immaculate eyeliner and blended shadow. Oh and don’t get us started on the ‘mid-evening ping’, that heartbreaking moment when the corner of the lash pings upwards and simply refuses to stick back down.

Follow our foolproof guide to apply your falsies perfectly every single time.

  1. Prepare your lashes and glue
  2. Trim the lashes to the desired length
  3. Apply your glue and let it set
  4. Look downwards to apply rather than straight ahead
  5. Blend the lashes with liner and mascara

1. Prepare your lashes and glue

Step 1. Choose what look you are going for. Whether you opt for something light and fluttery or thick and sultry, this method will work with any style. You can choose to use the glue that comes included with the lashes, or you can buy a stronger and longer lasting adhesive separately.

2. Trim your lashes

One of the most common reasons that the corner of your lash pops up, is because it is too long for your eye. Hold the strip along your lid and once you have determined the right length, move it away and snip it with a pair of nail scissors.

3. Apply your glue

One of the most common reasons that eyelashes don’t stay where you put them, is due to impatience. Popping your lash strip on with wet glue can cause it to stick to your fingers and slip about. Apply an even layer of glue along the strip and wait 30 seconds before trying to stick it down.

4. Look downwards to apply your lash

Now comes the tricky bit, actually sticking the lash to your eyelid. If you aren’t the most nimble-fingered person, you may wanna use a pair of tweezers or an eyelash applicator for this part. Instead of staring straight ahead in the mirror, try angling a makeup mirror on the floor or dressing table and look downwards into it.

5. Blend the lashes

Now for the finishing touch. Blend the strip lash into your inner waterline with liquid eyeliner to ensure that the band isn’t obvious. You can also extend the outer-side by drawing a wing. Finally add a few coats of your fave mascara to ensure that your lashes look long and natural.

Can false eyelashes be reused?

Yes! As long as you take care of your lashes, they can be used around 3 or 4 times before they start to fray or ruin. Make sure you put them somewhere where they won’t get ruined and remove excess glue with a pair of tweezers or cleaning solution.

Which false eyelashes look most natural?

If you are going for the subtle look, opt for a pair of wispy lashes and make sure you cut them to fit your eye shape. Try trimming them and applying to the outer half of your eyelids for a more natural look.

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