Beauty Guide: How To Contour

Let’s be honest – contouring can sometimes feel like a science more than a makeup skill. Fear not – no degree required. Here’s the ultimate tutorial for contouring without looking like a zebra.

Step One

Take a cream contour stick from the top of your ear and move down to underneath the apple of your cheek and slowly blend in by moving your contour brush in circular motion.


Step Two

Apply the cream contour to your temples and jawline. If you don’t give much effort to contouring, you may think it’s just a streak of colour on your cheekbones, but defining the temples and jawline gives more of a structured appearance. Clever shading on the cheekbones, temples and jawlines can take your facial framework up a level with no weird streaky lines involved.


Step Three

Conceal underneath your eyes in a small ‘v’ shape. One of the biggest pitfalls babes can make when applying concealer is by drawing a crescent moon shape underneath the eye and then blending. Using the ‘V technique’, you’re blending from the tip of the cheekbone upwards which creates highlight and gives emphasis to your eyes.


Step Four

Powder your face. This will help to diffuse light and give your face a natural glow.


Step Five

Add a powder highlight above the contour and in the corners of your eyes to give the appearance of a bright-eyed look. It counters the look of fatigue, so if you’ve stayed up all night writing a last minute assessment or you want to cover up your antics from the night before, take that powder to the corners of your eyes!


Step Six

Skim the contour line again to give more definition. Top tip: it’s easier to build up the coverage rather than pile it all on in one-go – Once you do the latter, there’s no going back and you’re back to square one. 



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