How to stop your face mask from ruining your makeup

As you probably know, it is mandatory to wear a face mask in shops, from 24th July. If you cba doing a full face of makeup every day, then that makes your morning routine a whole lot easier. Just make those eyes pop and you’re ready to go.

However, if you are the the kind of girl that wants to go full face, because you never know who you’re going to bump into in Aldi, we got you covered. Follow our tips below to protect your makeup from rubbing off under your face covering.

Grab yourself a resuable face covering from Missguided and prep for the new normal

Take a peek at some of our fave celebs wearing face masks too…

Hailey Bieber face mask
Hailey Bieber: IMG Bauer-Griffin
Emily Ratajkowski in a face mask
Emily Ratajkowski IMG: Gotham
Dua lipa face mask
Dua Lipa IMG: Gotham
Cynthia-Bailey in face covering
Cynthia Bailey IMG Paras Griffin

How to protect your makeup under a face mask

Applying makeup can help us regain a sense of normality during the global pandemic. It may not feel like a necessity to some, but for others it is part of a normal routine, just like getting dressed or making your bed. Changing your normal routine to incorporate a mask that covers half of your face, may seem daunting, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your beauty routine going.

Start with a moisturiser & primer

Wearing a face mask over a long period of time may cause chafing or spots (our key workers will know this all too well). Look after your skin and prep it with a soothing moisturiser and your fave long-lasting primer.

Use a lightweight foundation

Try and keep your foundation as lightweight as possible, to prevent it from smudging or transferring to your face mask. Apply concealer around your eye area, but avoid heaving contouring around your nose and chin, to stop any series smudging.

Set your makeup with spray only

Using a spray rather than a powder to set your makeup with remove the chance of residue from rubbing all over your face covering and smudging the rest of your face.

Focus on your eyes and brows

When wearing a face covering, your eyes and brows are going to be the first thing that anyone notices. Don’t be afraid to go bit. Add a pair of lashes and fluff up those bushy brows like there’s no tomorrow.

Apply lip balm

Apply a neutral lip balm and avoid sticky gloss or bright coloured lipsticks. The movement of talking in a face covering will cause the colour to smear all over your face and nobody wants that.

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