How to trim your bangs at home

Feeling brave are we? Discover our tips to make sure you nail it

Written by Liv Grady

February 2, 2021

how to trim your bangs at home

When life gets monotonous, change up your hair. That usually solves everything doesn’t it? Without the option to book a spontaneous appointment at your favourite salon, this mindset can cause havoc with your current cut. Whether you are bored in the house, or you are struggling with an outgrown fringe that is blocking your sight, follow our easy steps to help you nail trimming your bangs at home.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best tips from professional hair stylists, saving you from the embarrassment of sitting down in the salon chair after lockdown with a big messy trim.

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5 Easy tips- How to trim your bangs at home

  1. Hold off as long as possible
  2. Use proper scissors
  3. Cut your hair when it is dry
  4. Cut in small sections
  5. Cut INTO the hair, not ACROSS

1. Hold off as long as possible

Nothing screams disaster like a spontaneous drunken haircut. Contemplate on whether you really want to trim your bangs at home. Wait two weeks before you actually take the scissors to your hair. This way you will know for sure that you NEED some curtain bangs in your life. You never know, in two weeks time, you might actually be able to book an appointment with a real hairdresser and save the hassle.

2. Use proper scissors

Do NOT reach for the kitchen scissors or a pair of craft scissors from your mum’s sewing box. Hairdressers use specific tools for a reason, this will make the haircut smoother, easier to manage and will cause less damage to your hair. Discover the 10 best hairdressing scissors here.

3. Cut your hair when it’s dry

Hairdressers may work with wet hair, but that’s because they are experts! When your hair dries, it usually lifts and reduces in length. If you cut your bangs when they are wet, you run the risk of accidentally taking off too much hair, which you would only discover when it dried again.

4. Cut in small sections

If you want to trim your bangs at home, trust us when we say, slow and steady wins the race. Cut in tiny sections and take your time, This way if you make a cut that doesn’t look quite right, you haven’t cause any serious damage and you can probably blend it in to the rest of your hair without much trouble.

5.Cut INTO the hair, not ACROSS

When cutting bangs, hairdressers usually use a technique called Point Cutting. This involves cutting upwards into the hair as opposed to chopping straight across. This allows you to take the trim at a slow and steady pace, whilst avoiding harsh lines.

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