Meet the man behind Beyonce’s flawless makeup- Sir John

You may not have heard of Sir John, but you have definitely seen his work. He is an activist and makeup artist to the stars. In celebration of Beyonce’s birthday, we decided to take a look at the man behind the makeup, Sir John.

The beauty expert has a strong voice in the BLM movement and uses his platform to speak about Black rights and issues. He is an ambassador for L’oreal Paris and works with countless more celebrities including Prianka Chopra, Kim K and Ashley Graham.

Who is Sir John?

Sir John is a close and personal friend of Beyonce and has painted her face for more than eight music videos. Rumour has it, one of the twins is even named after him.

A little more about his background. Sir John Barnett (yes, Sir is his real name), grew up in New York. From the age of six, he showed an interest in art. He only started doing makeup after a model friend of his asked for some help. The shoot photographer was impressed with his skills and he started getting bookings for jobs.

Like most of the makeup legends and drag queens, he perfected his craft on the MAC counter in New York’s prestigious Bloomingdales.

Life changed for Sir John, when he was introduced to beauty legend, Pat McGrath. Pat invited him to fly to Milan and work on fashion week with her. This is where he created a look on his first ever runway model, which just so happened to be, Naomi Campbell.

From that moment on, Sir John racked up a list of impressive clients and colleagues, including a role as Charlotte Tillbury’s assistant.

Meeting Beyonce

In 2011 he was told that he would have his biggest client yet, Beyonce. He did her makeup for the Tom Ford’s 2011 Womenswear show. Bey loved his work and he became her exclusive artist from that moment on.