Summer essentials for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look

Wanna nail the ‘woke up like this’ makeup look, without actually looking like you have just woken up? We got you. Off-duty model makeup is here to stay and we are all about embracing that natural beauty. Whether you are heading on a casual trip to the park with friends or visiting a nearby beach, lowkey makeup is perfect for keeping those effortless vibes going.

We’ve broken down our favourite makeup products that will keep you looking glowy, natural and fresh all Summer long.

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The best ‘no makeup’ essentials

BB Cream

Try swapping out your high coverage foundation for a BB cream or a gradual tanning moisturiser. This will brighten your skin and hide blemishes, without creating a full base and covering your freckles or natural skin tone. Try and choose a product with an SPF protection level, to keep your skin healthy and fresh for longer.

Neutral eyeshadow palettes

So despite wanting the natural look, a neutral eyeshadow is a MUST. Using light browns and taupes to create a subtle wing can instantly elevate your face shape and help you create the ‘cat eye’ that pretty much every model seems to have mastered. Alternatively, you can use a matt bronzer and a thin eyeshadow brush to create the same effect.

Eyebrow pencil or gel

Nobody wants a wispy brow. Fill in your eyebrows with subtle and light brush strokes in a colour that closely matches your natural one. The key to nailing the no makeup look is to make your brows look effortlessly thick, without looking like you have had to touch them at all (the dream, right?).


Use your mascara sparingly, avoid clumps or fluttery extensions, you want your eyelashes to look as natural as possible. If you tint your lashes anyway, you’re good to go (well done for being so organised).

Fake freckles

If you wanna go for the ultimate off-duty model makeup, then fake freckles are a must. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive freckle pen, then try using a brown eyeshadow pencil or liquid eyeliner.

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If you wanna get that ultimate natural Summer look, then obvs it’s time to break out the fake tan. Read our handy guide on finding the right fake tan for your skin type.