Treasure’s Guide To Loving Yourself


Self-love is incredibly important, so we asked our very own MGHQ babe and retail VM manager, Treasure Evans to tell us her 5 tips for self-love.

In order to be able to love someone, you have to love yourself first.

We are encouraging you to love the skin you’re in, without any highlighter or bronzer or dog ear filters. Be confident and happy with the person you are inside and out babes.

In a social media-driven world where people can ‘fake it for the gram’ and a life of chia seeds, Bali ready bodies and kale f*cking crisps making us all feel inadequate, we decided it would be nice to have a little bit of real talk, from a real woman, with real f*cking hips, working a full-time job, trying to manage a social life, eat a balanced diet, whilst enjoying life at the same time.

Here are Treasure’s top tips…

Always laugh (but mainly at your own jokes)



ALWAYS – I cannot stress the importance of laughter. There is no better feeling than tears running down your cheeks, while you can hardly get your breath and getting a stitch because you’re laughing so hard. Surround yourself with people who make your pull ugly laughing faces (you know the one, we all have one– and it’s always THE worst face in the world but you just can’t help it) Choose to spend your time with the people who make you laugh. But as important as that is, you need to be able to make yourself laugh. I have full blown conversations with myself on a daily basis, and I have myself creasing up at my own sh*t jokes… but who cares? Being confident and comfortable with who you are is a must love thyself mantra, being happy to spend time with you and loving you for who you are.

Love your flaws

F*ck perfection, it doesn’t exist. Stop striving to be what you see in other people. In a world where you can be anything, Be you! Always. Society and social media have been girl shaming for far too long now, and its time it was eradicated from society. If a woman is too thin we shame her, or too fat, or too tall or has no tits, or has fake tits, or anything it would seem, END THAT SH*T RN.

Women are all shapes, and women are all sizes and WOMEN are all f*cking BEAUTIFUL regardless. Some bits wobble, some bits don’t, some bits wobble a bit more around the festive periods but can I get an amen for a baked Camembert though?!?!?!

We need to stop looking to other people for what makes us feel beautiful. Someone somewhere would kill for the bits you hate about yourself. Recently I have been working on my own ‘self-love’ and body confidence programme and I have been learning to love myself more. To eat carbs when I want them and not beat myself up with guilt after it. I’m not perfect. I’m a healthy size ten. I eat a balanced diet and I exercise when I can. But I’m a working woman, who works damn hard, long hours and tries to balance a social life. Whilst doing some exercise AND wanting to go for nice meals with loved ones, and have a glass of wine with my mum… I don’t want to look back and remember all the times I went to the gym and had a kale salad. I want to see the photos of me on the nights out or out having dinner, and I want to be the person telling the stories of that random Thursday night – not the person hearing them. No one is perfect. Embrace every single inch of your body and love her for what she is. She goes through a lot, she doesn’t need any harder time than shes got.

Be healthy, but most importantly just be happy.

Be kind – spread good vibes

Strong, confident, happy women build each other up, not tear each other down. Always important to love thyself, but also important to spread that vibe onto your local girl gang. Tell her she looks good, tell her you love her dress, tell her what you wish people would say to you. Give someone a boost, and make them feel good about themselves. Tell her she is killing it at work, and that her skin is amazing, or that you would KILL for that highlighter game! You’ll feel better in yourself for inspiring women to go and support the movement.


Be unapologetically yourself


In the words of Public Enemy – if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything…

Do whatever comes most naturally to you. At all times. Don’t ever change your personality for what you think someone wants you to be, you literally are perfect just as you are. In such a beautifully diverse world we live in now where self-expression and babes supporting babes is on the horizon, please feel liberated to be yourself. People are attracted to REAL. So be real. People don’t always understand you, or even like you, but that’s cool babycakes, it’s 2018 – we don’t all have to hold hands and live like the Waltons, but come in peace and mean no harm. But do not be afraid to release your free, beautiful, creative, magical, fearless, emotional, pussy empowered self on the world. Let your passions out and see what happens. And never apologise for who you are. You are you. And you’re the only one. So embrace your own individuality and love yourself more




As nice as bardot tops and striped flares are… take em off and GET NAKED (at home…preferably) It is so important to be comfortable to look in the mirror and love what you see. No, you might not look like some girls on Instagram – but you don’t need to. Let’s break society’s stereotypes and embrace beauty in all its forms. You are BEAUTIFUL.

We only have this one body, and we put our bodies through so much, so let’s give her a break. Tell her she is beautiful. Be humble and thankful for the amazing things she does for you. Be proud of your body, and the boney bits, and the wobbly bits and the toned bits and the not so toned bits, and your scars and stripes, because you earned them!

Every week I find time to sit and look at myself naked. You should too. Look at yourself in your most natural state and tell yourself 5 things you love about your body. Get comfortable looking at yourself and you will start to become more body confident. The happier you are on the inside the happier you are on the outside.

So strip off, get a gin, and look in that mirror – and #LOVETHYSELF.