The best fake tan to invest in for Summer 2021

…because we probs aren’t gonna get a real tan this year

Written by Liv Grady

April 7, 2021

bondi sands on pile of books

Don’t know about you, but we wanna be stepping out of lockdown looking like we have spent the whole of 2021 laying on a beach. After a year of being indoors, our skin is looking pasty, drab and in some serious need of vitamin D.

Much to our dismay, it doesn’t look like we are going to be jetting off anywhere anytime soon and we definitley can’t rely on the British summer to give us some rays, so that golden glow is probs going to have to come from a bottle.

Choosing the right fake tan can feel like a bit of a minefield. Do you go for instant? Gradual? What about mousse? Or is a mist best? It can all be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier, we have rounded up some of our favourite self-tanners to help you get a streak-free natural-looking tan without those nasty orange undertones.

Still confused about which tan to go for? Take a look at our handy guide on finding the right tan for your skin type.

girl wearing fake tan

Best fake tan that won’t make you orange or streaky

bondi sands pure self tan foaming water

This cruelty free and vegan self tan foaming water is easy to apply and will leave you with that summer glow. It is kind to sensitive skin types and is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which stops your skin from drying out. Plus it lasts for up to 7 days.

bondi sands pure self tan foaming water dark 200ml

bondi sands pure gradual tanning milk

If you want to keep up a natual looking glow all year round, then we would opt for a gradual tan. This Bondi Sands Tanning Milk is mess free and won’t leave streaks on your fresh bedding. It is designed to be used as a moisturiser and will leave you with a subtle glow after each use. Apply everyday to gradually build up with colour, without any fear of a tanning disaster.

bondi sands pure gradual tanning milk

st tropez gradual tan watermelon body lotion

Invest in fake tan that actually smells good. This St Tropez watermelon lotion is a gradual moisturiser that is easy to apply and won’t leave behind that biscuit-y smell (you know the one). Infused with hyaluronic acid , this lightweight lotion absorbs instantly, deeply nourishing and moisturising the skin for an even and streak free glow.

st tropez gradual tan watermelon infusion miracle body lotion

st tropez self tan purity vitamin serum

The search for a good facial fake tan is over. Designed to be sensitive enough to use in your daily skincare routine, this gentle serum is guaranteed to help you make it golden hour, 24 hours of the day. Apply directly onto skin or mix it with your usual SPF or moisturiser. This non-pore blocking serum glides onto skin, creating an an instant radiance boost and soft finish for even the palest skin tones.

st tropez self tan purity vitamin serum 50ml

How to apply fake tan evenly…

In order to get your instant tan as streak free as possible, we would always recommend using a tanning mitt from Sosu or Bondi Sands. Not only does this prevent you from getting orange hands, but it applies the product evenly and smoothly without finger marks and darker patches.

When to fake tan after showering?

Hopping straight out of the shower with freshly shaved legs may seem like the perfect time to apply your fake tan. However, this will mean that your skin is at its most sensitive and your pores are open. We would advise waiting around ten minutes before application.