The ultimate guide to false lashes

Not all of us have been blessed with luscious long lashes, nor can we afford to keep on top of semi-permanent extensions. That’s where falsies come in.

Gone are the days of stupidly OTT uncomfortable eyelashes that would constantly ping up in the corners. Say ‘hello’ to fluttery falsies that you’ll never wanna take off.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to false lashes below. Whether you’re looking for a pair of daily-wear ones or night-out lashes, we’ve got you covered.

Everyday fake eyelashes

Find subtle eyelashes to add a dramatic effect to your everyday beauty routine.

Eylure texture no. 117 false lashes

Eyelure false eyelashes

So natural that nobody will even notice (although, they probably will). The Eylure lashes are our favourite for casual wear. The No 117 comes with adhesive and can be worn up to 7 times if cared for properly.

Sosu gigi premium eyelashes

Sosu fake eyelashes

Featherlight and natural, they blend effortlessly in with your lash line. These premium lashes can be used 5-7 times.

Add a little mascara for a seamless blend with your own eyelashes.

Carter beauty on the lash wispie false lashes

Carter false lashes

So easy to apply and perfect for beginners, these lashes look natural AF. They are the eyelashes for people who don’t wear eyelashes.

They can be worn 5-7 times when properly cleaned and cared for.

Statement false eyelashes

Discover the lashes that will make all of the difference to your party outfit. One flutter of these and you’ll have free drinks all night.

Sosu kendall luxury eyelashes

Soso kendall false lashes

Make a little dram with the Kendall lashes from Sosu. Bold and full bodied they blend effortlessly with your natural eyelashes.

These can be worn 3-5 times with proper care

Sosu 7 deadly sins

Sosu dramatic fake lashes

More is always more, especially when it comes to lashes. Couple up these synthetic falsies with a strong wing and warm eyeshadow for the ultimate eye makeup look.

These can be worn 3-5 times with proper care

The eyelash emporium extra af studio strip lashes

Eyelash emporium false lashes

These lashes are layered to f*ck, making them look salon quality. They are designed to suit almond or hooded eye shapes.

They can be worn up to 20 times with proper care.

Caring for your fake eyelashes…

No matter how much you spend on a pair of eyelashes, the number 1 rule is always to look after them. If you care for your falsies properly, you can spend more on the drinks.

The easiest way to look after your lashes is by using good quality glue and cleaning them properly!

How to clean false lashes

Simply take a cotton bud and dip it in lash cleanser or micellar water, squeeze out any excessive liquid. Start to wipe the bud along the lashes, mainly concentrating on the lash line where the glue builds up. Once you have removed excess glue and mascara, let them dry fully before using them again.