A Day in the Life of Barbie at MGHQ

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25 Aug, 2017

Life at Missguided HQ is never boring, especially when you’re a Barbie doll. Last week, we followed our Barbie dolls around the office to see what they got up to…

8.30am – answer ALL of the emails

First things first, get through the inbox. Our Barbie’s are early risers so they like to get in nice and early to answer any important emails that she got overnight. No one likes an inbox full of unanswered emails, especially Barbie, so the hustle is real first thing in the morning. Oh, and she’s gotta fit in casually speed reading all the tweets and Insta posts that she’s missed from the morning.

11am – conference calls

There’s a shoot coming up, so conference calls have to be made. Our doll makes herself at least three coffees to power through the morning to help her get through the huge to do list of stuff to organise.

12pm – napping is ESSENTIAL

The Missguided HQ sleep pods always come in handy for when there’s a big shoot coming up. Our dolls manage to schedule in a quick 10 minute power nap in before going on set.


Our dolls love being behind the camera just as much as being in front of it. The dolls take it in turn to get their outfits shot for an upcoming blog post for the Missguided site, and make sure they look totally fire in every single one.

3pm – meeting with the head buyer

There’s a collection relaunch to plan and Barbie’s gotta make sure the collection is on point and everything is ready for launch day.

4pm – de-brief meeting in the Pink Room

The Pink Room is the first meeting room that the Barbie’s always book out, because it’s legit the best room at Missguided HQ. The babes all have a debrief after a busy day to catch up on what’s happened and what they’ve got to plan for tomorrow.

5.30pm – HOME

With the last few things done, 5.30pm hits and it’s time to head home. YAAAAS!