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12 Dec, 2017

We caught up with Morgan Lynzi the mega babe host, presenter, producer and founder of Well Damn, to find out more about her exciting new project (which launches in January FYI), what wellness is and what inspiration she has for babes trying to break into the industry…

Morgan Lynzi

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a multi-faceted + cultural host/presenter, producer, general camera ham, and now founder of Well Damn.


Your brand new multi-media platform Well Damn is set to launch, what can we expect?

It is, this January 2018! Well Damn is a modern guide to a damn good life … a multi-platform brand creating lifestyle content from a place of wellness first. And I don’t mean that one page interest section in your favourite magazine talking about organic face creams and cycling classes to take. I’m talking you’re actual WELL BEING. Well Damn is founded on a crazy little idea that being well, balanced, independent, and self loving is the place where we should create our lives… not just where you run to when you’ve got high anxiety, your depressed, unhealthy, having a daily existential crisis, and been in one too many toxic relationships. We’re turning lifestyle inside out and running with the concept that looking good, feeling good, “glowing up”, and living your best life starts from within. We’ve got loads of video content, series, the official Well Damn podcast and events kicking off beginning of January in LA all in pursuit of living a #welldamn good life.


What was the inspo behind it?

I’ve hosted/presented shows for brands, networks big and small, nationally and internationally, and after each show or project I always felt like I was on a high from the experience of connecting with the guests, crew, and viewers. I wanted to take that feeling of community and empowerment into building a media brand that dug deeper. I (nor any of my friends) identify with half of what’s pushed out as lifestyle, beauty, and relationship advice in media. We relate to the perfectly imperfect characters of INSECURE, carry crystals in our bags, actually give a sh*t about our personal and spiritual growth, want to know how to look our best beyond beat face beauty tutorials with a healthy lifestyle, and want to actually… impact the world… at least on some level. Sounds crunchy and idealistic but it’s the reality… and there really aren’t any brands stacking up. Most of the 20-somethings in LA are looking for purpose, we’re all kind of tired of buying into a prescribed version of what happiness, beauty, or our lives should look like.


For anyone who doesn’t know, what is the concept of wellness?

Wellness, for me, is really waking up to the idea of living your full potential and realising that to live your best life it takes conscious work and it’s a process of evolving and growing. Most importantly it’s allllll about YOU. Only you can decide what makes you feel fulfilled in life. Not a celeb, not your parents, not your friends, men, other women, and not definitely not society. Wellness really is the most rockstar thing.


We can’t wait to tune into Well Damn, who do you have lined up for interviews?

We’re soft launched now and you can check out weekly podcast interview on iTunes podcasts as well as a few videos of the interview on the channel. The guest line up is a mix of celebs, wellness leaders, influencers, and thought leaders who’ve all found a piece to the puzzle of how to live a “damn good life”. I’d say the podcast is as empowering as Oprah (there’s an episode featuring her all time favourite guest and feminist you can list to here) but in the tone of your unfiltered BFF.


Morgan Lynzi

What are your top tips for wellness?

Drink Water: A huge chunk of your problems and afflictions could be solved just by hydrating…I’m serious. Anxious? You could be dehydrated.
Focus on you and don’t by into the LIEstyle. Aka the curated life most of us present online. This one’s hard with all of the hyper-connectivity going on. It’s SO EASY to get distracted, disempowered, and depressed just by taking dive into the Instagram vortex. Instead of using the time we just spent comparing our lives to some impossible, likely facetuned and staged standard, we could be investing in ourselves so that we can life a real lifestyle that makes ourselves happy.


What inspiration do you have for those trying to break into the industry?

Be relentless and be resourceful. I’ve never been accused of being subtle or thinking an idea I have is impossible (even if I hit an enormous amount of roadblocks). I’m pretty ambitious and once I’ve decided I’m making something I make it happen with to without a budget. No budget? *GASP*. Seriously don’t freak out over money. Trust that if you take the first step toward the thing you want the path and the resources will show up. Little by little. Just keep being a boss at each point of the path and be as authentic about what you want and believe in it each step of the way. The only test you’ll get is to 1) prove how REAL you’re being and 2) how MUCH you really want to make something happen.


What’s your life motto?

Dig your own gold.


What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

Mapping out the Well Damn launch party, prepping content for the launch, balancing work and personal wellness, blasting a lot of Mariah Carey Christmas, eating an irresponsible amount of holiday sweets, and being around the ones I love.

Wanna know more about Morgan? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Keep up to date with Well Damn here


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