Top 5 tips to becoming your own hype woman, with Tamika Bennett

Making galentine’s day a little more about self love

Written by Liv Grady

February 15, 2021

tamika bennett guide to being your own hype woman

We teamed up with content creator Tamika Bennett, to birng you the ultimate self-love guide for Galentine’s Day. She talks through her top tips on how to become your own hype woman and stop depending on other people for validation. Tamika’s five-step guide has everything you need to bring a little self love into your life.

You may have spotted Tamika on Insta or TikTok, she creates fashion-focused videos that are guaranteed to bring a lil main-character energy to your feed. Watch her video below and keep scrolling for Tamika Bennett’s top tips to becoming your own hype woman.

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Tamika’s top 5 tips to becoming your own hype woman

  1. Break those chains
  2. Get your 5 a day
  3. Get dressed up
  4. Be your biggest cheerleader
  5. Stop caring what other people think

1. Break those chains

“Those chains” being those negative thoughts that you constantly feed yourself, such as ‘I’m not worthy enough’ ‘I’m not beautiful enough’ and ‘I don’t like the way I look’ etc. Those chains can be the habit of comparing yourself to others, or those insecurities that can just kill your self esteem. Find exactly what it is that is that’s restricting you from growing and blossoming into your best self and break that connection, or ‘break that chain’. “

2. Get your five a day

“It is not your fruit and vegetables, it’s 5 compliments to yourself per day. If we weigh how many times a day we feed ourselves with belittling and negative comments to how many times we feed ourselves with uplifting and positive comments, it’s so unbalanced. So, let’s flip the scales and make them positive. Say 5 things you love about yourself per day consistently, and soon all that love and positivity that you feed yourself will overpower the negatives.

3. Get dressed up

“Get dressed up and give yourself something to hype. You weren’t made to live in those gravy-stained joggers and those socks and sliders. You were made a queen, so you gotta look like it. When you look good, you’ll feel good. It’s psychology and it’s just something I’m going to live by for the rest of my life, and you should too.”

4. Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

“If you are having a bad day or a bad week, don’t start giving into that sadness and moping about, but be there for yourself and cheer yourself on. Let yourself know, ‘I am strong, I am not weak, I am not going to be conquered, because I am good enough’. If you are having an amazing day or an amazing week, celebrate that for yourself, be excited for yourself, hype yourself up. Don’t wait for someone else to give you validation. You can do that, because we are independent queens here okay?”

5. Stop caring what other people think of you

“If you constantly only take into consideration what other people think about you and not what you think, then you will soon become a product of their imagination. Then, you’ll never find the true you, therefore you’ll never love yourself or be confident in yourself because you are not being yourself. Now, I know that it’s something that is easier said than done, but it can still be done. Just get it in your head that when it comes to you and what you do, it’s only your opinion that matters, alright?”

If you are looking for more ways to become your own hype woman, then why not try some self love affirmations?

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