Q&A with Collage Artist Sara Shakeel

We’re on a mission to inspire you to feel unashamedly confident in being yourself, to love you, for you and embrace your “flaws”. It’s time to #MakeYourMark

Because f*ck perfection, it doesn’t exist.

We’ve teamed with ultimate self-empowered babe, Sara Shakeel, CollageArtist and #glitterstretchmarks qween who speaks the wisest of words as she tells us what female empowerment means to her, where she finds the inspo for her artwork and her general feelings on life as a woman. This babe is a true inspiration to all of us as she explains that “each picture heals a part of me & I hope it heals a part of you too.”

 What does female empowerment mean to you?

Simple! To be equal, is that too much to ask for? To be recognised and respected for our own achievements, not necessary to be on a magazine or make millions! but to be respected as mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriend wife! Women have many roles to play which are taken for granted! To be loved from basics, leads to a girl who is strong and confident, and ends up being a successful game changer as a women! When that kind of respect is given, a woman is undeniably strong and powerful! We are quite a different species from men tbh lol – we thrive on love and respect! & loads of sweet hormones.

 We love your glittered stretch marks. What inspired you to start turning stretch marks into art?

 So it started almost a week ago, when I went over to my friends place for a photoshoot. I remember I was taking pictures of her for my collage art series, and she was continuously asking me to remove her stretch marks on Photoshop – this honestly made me sad, cause firstly it came as a surprise to me because a girl so lean and thin had stretch marks on her, and secondly I am a chubby girl with so many of them including cellulite. I came back home and though I had no intentions of making art out of stretch marks, another picture of stretch marks came up to me ( as if god had all planned this for me) I took that picture, added some glitter to it, and stared at it for a while, i have this habit of over criticising myself and my art, and still remember that feeling of asking my self again and again, why the HELL would anyone be interested in my artwork of adding glitter to stretch marks. But with a crazy imagination like mine, i’ll tell you how I convinced myself and uploaded it “ I imagined that when the skin stretches, glitter pops out from the inside! haha” so the more you stretch the more shiny you get! “  I posted that artwork! and my god! the response was super shiny!



 Your Insta bio says “I used to be a dentist”. So how did you get started publishing your art on Instagram?

I failed my last year of dental school in 2016. I wish I knew where I was heading back then, all i knew was I had to prepare myself for another set of exams, during those dark times, the only refugee I had was my phone samsung note3 which was almost on the verge of dying lol. I don’t know what exactly happened and how my urge of creating collage came because tbh, i have zero experience in art or any formal art education! I deleted all of my pictures on instagram, and started uploading collages! From that day onwards, things changed! My fan base from 300 grew to 1000’s and today – there is no looking back! I left being a dentist and decided to dedicate my whole life making art! Videos on there is this new hunger for creating content! Bringing out my emotions! Things I have witnessed and see others going through in form of art! At first i thought I was healing myself with my own art! With time with so many messages I have now known it has healed a lot of others out there as well!  The reason my bio says “ each picture heals a part of me, and I hope it heals a part of you too”

  How do you think the fashion industry could empower women more?

Fashion industry is something all young men and women look upto! The kids these days know everything related to fashion and what’s in or out! If the fashion industry “NORMALISE” being the chubbier model, the ones with cellulite/ stretch marks or a little bump on the belly, it will be something we would feel normal and happy about our own selves ! Sometimes one is not overweight but has stretch marks and after seeing a perfect model on TV or internet makes one self more conscious towards our own bodies! Which eventually leads to a lot of emotional distress!



Our latest campaign celebrates being you, because it’s the best look. Why do you think it’s important to be yourself?

 Absolutely! After 27 years, I  have finally made peace with my own self! as being an artist and also embracing my lines and bumps here in there! The moment I accepted all of this is when i truly acknowledged everything around me, my creative side went on fire. Accepting and reflecting is a major key to your own success. The moment you fall in love with your own self is when you truly learn the true meaning of LOVE!

  What’s your life motto?

 To believe in Goodness & God! and the rest will follow & flow

  What’s one thing you’re most proud of?

For creating a huge empire of artists and people from all around the world on my instagram & that too within a year!

 What makes you happy?

Honestly when I see people making art inspired out of my art! One of the most humbling and content feelings I have ever witnessed

 Who inspires you?


 Best piece of life advice you’ve ever been given?

The harder you work, the luckier you’ll get!

  Who did you last wake up next to?

 My cat!

 Tell us a secret.

I talk a lot to myself.

  What’s your party trick?

Sh*t, I  forgot how parties feel like. lol

 Who should we be following on Instagram right now?

Missguided & Sara Shakeel! We are the only ones loud about stretch marks & body positivity!



Wanna show us what female empowerment means to you and the true meaning of body confidence? We’re asking you babes to share a picture on Instagram using the #MakeYourMark and #glitterstretchmarks hashtags, showing your stretchmarks, what they mean to you and how they make you empowered.

*UPDATE* CONGRATS to Lauren Dungey, the winner of our #MAKEYOURMARK competition!

Remember, #KEEPONBEINGYOU, always #MakeYourMark and celebrate what makes you unique.