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07 Sep, 2017

We caught up with Tully Smyth, the babe behind the blog Young Blood Runs Wild to find out her beauty essentials, what’s on her playlist and her secret to the perfect Insta snap…

Tully Smyth
What does a day in the life of you look like?

The best thing about my job is that every day is different. Some days I might wake up, head to F45, catch up with some of the girls at a café I help promote, go home to smash out emails and then get ready for an event or movie premiere that night.

Others, I might have a shoot for my blog or a brand I’m modelling for or I could be packing my bags and jetting off to some exotic destination for work.

And then there are the days where I spend 9-5 behind my laptop, answering emails, writing blogs and keeping all my social media platforms up to date…sometimes in my pyjamas. It’s not always glamorous!

How do you keep your content fresh?

To be totally honest with you, I’ve never thought too hard about my content. Unlike other bloggers who have specific colour themes or plan their posts out weeks, sometimes months in advance, I like to keep my feeds in real-time. What you see on my feed is generally what I’m up to that very day. Sure, I make sure there aren’t too many selfies in a row, but I generally just live my life and share all the best bits with the people that seem to be interested.

You give us serious insta-envy, what’s been your favourite place that you’ve travelled?

Gosh that’s a hard one. I really loved the Cook Islands. It’s such a little slice of un-touched paradise. The people are so friendly, the beaches are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (and not overrun with tourists) and my trip there was with an awesome team. We had a really fun trip.

Tully Smyth
What are your top 3 beauty essentials for when you’re on the go?

Lip balm. Always. Nothing worst than having dry or cracked lips. I currently have the Frank Body one in my handbag. I pride myself on always smelling delicious. I’ve got a little Byredo Gypsy Water roll-on from Mecca with me at all times. Again, with wanting to smell yummy and fresh at all times. I carry around a travel-size Nivea deodorant in my handbag so I always feel fresh and confident.

Your photography is insane- what tips do you have for the perfect holiday pics?

Lighting. Lighting is EVERYTHING. It can make or break a shot. Often people think you need to have a beautiful sunny day to capture the best photos but in reality, a grey or overcast day works best.

How do you edit your photos?

Ha, that is the million dollar question. I use about a million apps but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

What’s your go-to outfit?

I live in my active wear. I’m so glad it’s become appropriate to stay in your active wear all day and nobody looks at you like you need an intervention.

Tully Smyth
What are your must-have pieces for your carry-on?

Lip balm, eye drops and a face mist of some sort. I find the plane dries absolutely EVERYTHING up so making sure my face and eyes stay moisturised is really important for me to have a comfortable flight.

What’s currently on your playlist?

Every Friday I put on the Spotify “New Music Friday” playlist and usually listen to that on repeat for the rest of the week. I’m also loving Kesha’s new album ‘Rainbow’ at the moment- she’s risen from the ashes like a phoenix and produced some really fun, empowering music and I love it.

Which emoji best describes you?

The love-heart eyed emoji. I’m a lover, a super romantic and I just want to send that face to everything and every one.

Snapchat or Instagram?


Who’s account gives you major Insta envy?

One of my best friend’s, Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop is AMAZING at what she does. She is one of the best content creators on Instagram in my opinion. She has a really great eye for detail.

Who would be in your dream girl gang?

Without sounding too gag-worthy, I think I’m already pretty lucky with my girl gang. I’ve got some amazing girlfriends who inspire me and support me and make me laugh and I don’t think I’d have it any other way. I mean sure, if Taylor Swift wants to swing by to hang out, we’d happily welcome her.

What advice do you have for those starting out a blog?

Write about your passions. What makes you excited, what makes you angry. All my best work has come about when I’ve felt strongly about a topic.

What’s your life motto?

Love rewards the brave.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

Who knows, with my job is difficult to plan ahead. I’ve got a trip to Thailand for work coming up, then I’m off to Bali for my 30th birthday and am currently toying with the idea of spending NYE in LA, one of my favourite places in the world so a lot of travelling…for a change!

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