#makeyourmark – meet Nylo

Introducing writer, member of all-girl collective Pxssy Place and girl power activist, Nylo. Nylo is a firm believer in body confidence and the importance of making sure everyone is represented.

“As a society there’s so many unspoken rules and regulations about everything, I think we should appreciate how far we’ve all come.”

“The best piece of advice given to me is to stop beating myself up about everything.”

As a member of the ‘organically grown girl gang’ Pxssy Palace Nylo promotes and creates spaces for everyone to let go and feel free, she believes that female empowerment is the constant uplift and appreciation of all women.

“Female empowerment is the constant uplift and appreciation for all women.”

She has recently self-published a book, or diary, called ‘Hands’ – which includes the following: “Everything is temporary. It all goes incredibly fast. life. yet ‘life’ is the longest thing we can experience. Before we turn to dust & our souls are pure. We drift. We forget. To collide again. To die again. To fall in love with friends, family.”

Check out her video here: