#makeyourmark – meet Ally

Ally is a New Zealand born, Australian raised artist who has been living and working in London during and since her foundation and degree at University of the Arts London. Educated in BA Fine Art, she has only recently graduated, but has been making waves in the creative industry for a while. In her art she explores her ethnicity and people she holds close to her and their cultures.

“Feeling good about yourself affects your entire life, if you’re not happy with yourself physically or emotionally you can’t be happy in any other respect.”

“Female empowerment is working together and seeing the bigger picture, equality, standing up for yourself and being confident within who you are.”

Starting her modelling career just over a year ago, she promotes a different type of beauty standard that needs to be celebrated and normalised more. Plus size modelling is important to her, to show women and men that there are many types of beauty. Being a role model for young women is important, showing them they can be confident, proud and love who they are without conforming to European beauty standards.


Watch her video here: