We asked 3 babes to share their self-love routines

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05 Feb, 2018

 Babes, it’s that time of year again…V day. Whatever your plans, practice some self-love and self-care this year and remember to love thyself…because what’s sexier than self-confidence?

With that, we asked 3 of our fave #babesofmissguided to share with us their self-care routines.

1. @felicityhayward

Babe of Missguided model and founder of fashion brand @self.love.brings.beauty. This babe embraces self love and female empowerment to the absolute full, because “flaws simply do not exist.”


What do you love about yourself?

 My ability to help others feel confident about themselves.

How do you treat yourself when you are feeling blue?

Find a spa deal online and take some time away from the world, or go for a crystal healing session with Emma Lucy Knowles ( the queen of crystals!). It’s so important to give yourself the energy back you put out into the world.

What are your best tips for self-care?

Give yourself some time away from social media once a week, turn your phone off and watch a movie or run a bath with some candles and chill music. Sometimes the simplest things can help us find calm from every day chaos.


2. @jadelaurice

Meet mega babe, designer, artist and model jadelaurice. Jade is a big believer is self-confidence, believing that it’s one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

“Being a masterpiece is ultimately dressing and painting your face exactly how you want; Being your own piece of art.”

What to do you love about yourself?

I love my individuality. Being creative with fashion and not being afraid to be different.

How do you treat yourself when you are feeling blue?

I paint and play my favourite music, like Shade or Rihanna. Being in my zone is my therapy for sad days.

What are your best tips for self-care?

Relax when you’ve been working hard, you deserve as much you time as you do business time, its about balance.


3. @_nelly_london

Fashion, lingerie and body confidence blogger Nelly’s goal is to inspire all babes around the globe to do what you want to do and what makes you happy.

What do you love about yourself?

I love my bumps, I love my lumps, I love my stretch marks and I love my cellulite. I love all the bits that we aren’t supposed to like because they are what make me, me.

How do you treat yourself when you are feeling blue?

I either go to the shop and buy ice cream (so cliche but so true) or I cuddle up with my dog on the sofa. He always gets it.

What are your best tips for self-care?

My advice for self care would be to make time for yourself. That might sound simple but building in time in your schedule to spend some quality time with yourself is so important, maybe that’s painting your nails, have a bath with fancy af bath oils, or just having a nap. You are literally so worth it.

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