#BabesOnTheRise: Cassyette

We caught up with mega babe rockstar, singer and fashion inspiration Cassyette to find out more about her new music, where she gets her style inspo from and everything Cassyette…


So tell us a little about yourself…

Im Cassy, Im a rock singer/ songwriter ..People know me as Cassyette. 

Describe your music in 3 words

Rock, pop and grunge 

What made you get into the music industry?

I’ve always loved writing and producing music. When I was a kid I started making music with a family friend. It happened very naturally which is awesome. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the music industry

I absolutely love music from the 80s the most. I love glam rock – Bands like Kiss, Motley Crue and artists like Allanah Miles. Im into lots of different types of music too. Right now Im loving a band called Kira and Dinosaur Pile-Up – go check them out

What’s up and coming for Cassyette?

I have a new single on the way followed by an EP. I’m so excited to put new music out for everyone to hear! Its going to be out very soon, so keep your eye peeled. I can’t wait for our next show too! We are supporting You Me At Six who are one of my all time favourite bands!

So, who are other girls in your band? Tell us how you know each other

So there’s Towa on lead guitarist, Issy on guitar and Hannah on Drums. They are all close friends of mine and are all incredible musicians! Its such a great feeling to be on the stage with mates! Especially if you get nervous before!

What’s your biggest career highlight so far?

It has to be releasing my first single ‘Jean’, that was a massive highlight. The amount of amazing videos people were sending me of them rocking out… I even got sent a couple of pole dancing routines. That was lit af!! Also seeing fans actually turning up to our shows has been awesome! 

Who would you most like to collab with?

To name a few, probably: Mark monsoon, Daman Albarn, yung blud, Evanesance

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Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I hope to have released an album or two but other than that I have no idea! I guess I’m going to see where the wind takes me. Hopefully I get to play some big stages. That would be THE dream.

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to make it in music?

Focus on the music. Making music you love is the most important thing. Everything else will fall into place around it if you work hard enough. 

Now onto your amazing style…how would you describe this in 3 words?

Grungy. Retro. Trash

Who’s your biggest fashion inspo?

I absolutely love Bella Hadid’s style right now. She’s always on point! My retro inspiration is probably Pamela Anderson or Bret Michaels. 

What’s your top three trends for summer?

Studded leather festival jackets and tiny sunglasses ofc

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmm…it has to be a retro baby doll wedding dress with a leather jacket and biker boots

Cassyette’s fave picks for the summer…

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