1 Week In Outfits – Holly, Project Admin Manager

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19 Jul, 2019

Ever wondered what everyone’s wearing at MGHQ? Meet Holly… Our Project Admin Manager. She’s gonna be revealing her go-to work outfits, from her ‘I’ve got a sh*t tonne of Monday meetings’ boss babe look, all the way to her take on casj Friday. 


Weather looking a bit ‘meh’ on a Monday? If the sky’s not looking bright, then your outfit should be. It’s amazing what wearing something bold can do for your mood… Holly’s paired the utility dress with a mini bag (massive trend btw) and some white, western boots for an effortlessly cool look.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or been in the Love Island villa) for the past 2 months, you’ll know that milkmaid is a massive trend right now. Super flattering, super comfy… If you don’t wanna do colour, this black style is 100% for you. Holly’s paired it with the same white, western boots as yesterday, and the snake print saddle bag.


How to make your blazer a bit more ‘fash’ = a slogan tee, some distressed mom jeans, then a killer snake print bag/shoe combo. This is gonna be ideal if you want something tailored, but something that you can go straight to the bar in after a stressy day at the office.


By now, all you’re bothered about is getting these last few meetings out of the way, and skipping out of the office tomorrow into the arms of a massive G&T. Take the stress out of outfit planning, and opt for a jumpsuit. Team with a pair of heels and an oversized leather jacket to take it up a notch…


YOU’VE MADE IT BABE. The weekend is almost here. Which means something casj and comfy, but still cute enough so you can say ‘absolutely’ to some spontaneous drinks. A slogan tee, distressed jeans and some strappy heels are the answer.