10 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Barbie

Holla at the world’s most famous doll, defying criticism whilst celebrating female empowerment and beyond. We’ve rounded up 10 facts we bet you didn’t know about Barbie®:

10. Barbie® was created by mother and inventor, Ruth Handler

Creator, Ruth Handler, often watched her daughter, Barbara, play with paper dolls. Inspiration kicked in for Ruth when she noticed her daughter preferred to give her paperdolls adult roles. This lightbulb moment, along with a gap in the market, ultimately made way for Barbie®.

9. Barbie® is her nickname

Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, influenced by her daughter.

8. Barbie® travelled to space in 1965

Four years before man would walk on the moon.

                                 astronaut barbie 1994

7. ‘Facebook Official’ is even a thing for Barbie® 

After breaking up with Ken in 2004, the two reunited in 2011. When they finally got back together, they announced and changed their status on Facebook.

6. Barbie® now has 4 different body types

Barbie introduces Curvy, Petite, and Tall to stand with Original. This summer, even Ken got a makeover with two new body types: broad and slim.

5. Not quite a unicorn, but we’ll take it…

Barbie’s first pet was a horse named Dancer

barbie dancer horse

4. @BarbieStyle is one of the fastest growing fashion Instagram channels 

Designed to inspire, Barbie created one of the most enviable Instagram accounts. Quickly reaching 1.2 million followers after launching in 2014. #barbiepower

I love to layer up, especially when my outerwear makes an impact! 💋 #barbie #barbiestyle

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3. The new face of Barbie

In 2016, Barbie released 7 new skin tones, 22 new eye colors, and 24 new hairstyles. Barbie has added a huge range of options for children. Suddenly choosing an outfit, which already seemed like the toughest decision in the world, became even harder with these other amazing choices.

2. Barbie® has a better CV than all of us put together. No, really.

Barbie® doll has had over 180 inspirational careers spanning from a palaeontologist, to the President of the United States.

1. Barbie® reps in careers underrepresented by women Barbie continues to shatter the plastic ceiling by introducing new dolls in careers typically dominated by men including: a computer engineer, architect, entrepreneur and film director. Barbie® has redefined the boundaries on female empowerment and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

Barbie is forever.