10 Best Moments From Glastonbury

Not one of the lucky ones who attended Glasto? Don’t worry, babe. Here’s a round-up of the best 10 moments from Glastonbury 2017.

10. The Killers

We’ve all had a major moment when ‘Mr Brightside’ starts blaring out – anytime, anywhere. You either love it or downright hate it, but Glastonbury goers weren’t complaining when The Killers stormed the John Peel stage for a secret set. It was a fire comeback for the band after being on hiatus. Brandon Flowers said ‘1500 times we’ve played (Mr Brightside), that was the craziest’.

9. When boob glitter got serious

During Foo Fighters set, Grohl dedicated a song to a completely stark naked guy in the audience. Like we needed proof, the camera cut to the guy in the crowd before quickly flicking back to the stage. The BBC went into a mini meltdown mode, but it didn’t stop there. It’s not everyday you can stand in a field with 250,000 others with everything out, but this girl did. When the cameras cut to her, everyone had something to say on Twitter. It looks like she had a crackin’ Sunday night, though.

Glastonbury Crowd

8. When Glastonbury got political

When music and politics gets together, who knows what the outcome will be with 250,000 people crowded together. But the reaction was seemingly peaceful and gave people an opportunity to really relay some important global messages.

7. The future is female

A naked feminist joined Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis and proudly let her body do the talking. She performed the stunt with the Avalonian Choir organised by the White Ribbon Alliance aiming to lower mother and newborn baby deaths.

Glastonbury got political

6. Even the horses now do festival

Friends don’t let friends wear flower crowns, but horses can get away with it this year. These pictures are seriously adorable.

Glasto Horses Festival UK

5. When Ed Sheeran tuned his guitar whilst re-recording his loop pedal, simultaneously.

It goes without saying that Ed’s a talented guy, but during Bloodstream he noticed his guitar was seriously out of tune. But that didn’t stop Ed. During the 5-minute song, he successfully tuned his guitar, along with managing his loop pedal from start to finish. He was a controversial headliner but he pulled it off anyway.

4. The return of Foo Fighters

There was a better late than never spirit in the audience during Foo Fighters’ set. Grohl cancelled in 2015 due to a leg injury, but they made up for lost time and even performed a Queen cover too. It was a set not to be missed.

3. It was actually sunny

Sorry, what? It could be sunny pretty much every day of the year, but as soon as it hits Glastonbury time, that’s it. Expect thunderstorms, rain, wind, and any horrific weather imaginable. On Wednesday the temperatures reached 34c and that was enough to make any Glasto goers happy.

2. Katy Perry didn’t know the Scottish flag

Katy Perry shouted to the audience during her set exclaiming she could see everyone; ‘Even that security guard in the neon, way in the back by that blue flag with the X’. Awkward. Luckily she’s an absolute babe, so we can’t judge too much

1.  When Liam Gallagher admitted he watches Love Island

OK, it’s our guilty pleasure right now, but the last person in the world we expected to watch Love Island is Liam Gallagher. He admitted to Joe Whiley that he’s been addicted to the show since it started and ‘I’ve gone to the dark side, and ‘Love Island’ it is’. It’s happened to all of us, Liam.