The 10 Instagrams you NEED to be following right now

Who’s ready for Christmas? If you need distracting from the fact you’ve still not even started your Christmas shopping, then why not update your insta instead? Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts you should be following right now:

1. @squaresayings

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Everybody needs some relatable quotes in their feed. This account will have you screenshotting them on the reg and adding to your story.

2. @tres.she

Sick of always sticking to the same shade of nude when you get your nails done? This account will give you all the nail-spo you could ever wish for! Perfect for taking screenshots and taking them into the salon.

3. @variouskeytags

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Thanks for the post! @efficiencyhub – #grabtheunicornbythehorn #makeitpersonal #customkeytag #variouskeytags

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What’s even better than having quotes on your feed? Having them on your keys so you can read them all day long, obvs. 

4. @michel_e_b

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good morning wow I’m already annoyed

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Whether you’re a cat person or not, you’ll love this account, giving us the artiest, cutest cat shots EVER! Pet goals.

5. @sarashakeel

Here we all are, just getting on with our lives, while Sara Shakeel is out there turning everyday objects into glittering masterpieces. Check her out.

6. @thecovengirlgang

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I hate that society encourages women and girls to go against each other as if we are all part of one big competition. Amazing things happen when we encourage, support and work alongside each other… we don't have to compete because there is space for all of us. Fuck competition, I'm all about community. The campaign continues… #communityovercompetition

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You’re very own girl gang, just in the form of an insta feed. Giving you inspirational quotes and helping you to be a bad-ass babe.

7. @70sbabes

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What I want to wear after being in the Midwest for a few days…. also sending love to everyone in California. Please support by donating to those displaced by the fires, volunteers, and firefighters on the frontlines. The Times has a great list of non-profits to donate to (linked in bio). You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief ♥️

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Some of the coolest pics from the ’70s, flashback fashion and soooooo much more, just follow them promise you’ll love it!

8. @ketnipz

Just a lil’ bean living their best life. Cute cartoons for when your workday needs breaking up.

9. @hotdudeswithdogs

I mean is there any need for this caption? The name says it all right?

10. @suckytattoos

You know when you were younger and your mum told you not to get a tattoo and how one day you might regret it? Well, this is an account of all those people who just did NOT listen.


Happy scrolling, babes!

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