The 11 most memorable moments from the Brits 2018

The Brit Awards is never a low-key affair, from that time Madonna fell down the stairs to Robbie challenging Noel Gallagher to a fight – this was not like that. But last night did go in deep on Cheryl and Liam’s sex life, a drunk speech from the Gorillaz, INSANE outfits, Jack Whitehall hiding a bottle of champs behind his back for half the night, tears and a hell of a lot of awards for our fave Brits!

Check out 11 of the most memorable moments from the Brit Awards 2018.

1. Stormzy took home 2 awards of the night

It was no surprise that Stormzy went home with awards last night. Stormzy is now British Male Solo Artist of 2018 holding the British Album of the year title. Not bad.

2. When Dua Lipa turned up wearing a princess dress 

If you were living under a rock last night and missed the red carpet event, this babe stole the show (before it had even begun) in this absolutely killer dress.


3. When Damon Albarn gave a drunk speech on Brexit

Let’s be real, it wouldn’t be the Brits without someone making a drunk political speech. And we love that.


4.  Stormzy had a quick shower on stage

Stormzy closed the show with an incredible performance of “Blinded By Your Grace”, then stripped off for “Big For Your Boots”, all with rain pouring down. He ended the show by calling out Theresa May and the Daily Mail, surprising everyone and delivering the lyrics in a new freestyle.


5. When Kendrick Lamar performed his new single “Auto Muted”

Yeah let’s be real, the auto muted situation was kinda ridiculous and hugely annoying last night, especially when the international male solo artist winner tried to perform one of his newest releases and we heard about 0.0005 seconds of it. The parts we did hear were just INSANE though!


6. Liam and Cheryl shut down ALL the rumours

After rumours of a rocky patch for fire couple and new parents hit headlines over the last couple of weeks, Cheryl and Liam turned up to the Brit awards looking as loved up as ever. Sticking a middle finger up to all those rumours we’ve been hearing.


7. Dua Lipa took home 2 awards

Absolutely no shock here, this babe is INSANE! Dua scooped the first award of the night for “British Female Solo Artist” and later received the “British Breakthrough” award.


8. The famous “mystery drunk woman” was the true Brit winner

Turns out the “mystery drunk woman” that has been trending over Twitter ever since the event, is Este from the US band, Haim. Turns out Este wasn’t a drunk woman at all, she was just living her very best life – and looks like trying to find a date as she played to the camera, putting on lip-gloss and mouthing “call me.” During an interview with Cheryl and Liam. This babe made our night. Sorry, Cheryl and Liam, what were you saying?


9. The Gorillaz won their first ever Brit!

The Gorillaz took home their first ever Brit award last night, for Best British Group. We’ll be the first to say – it’s about time! This then led on to the very awkward drunk speech we mentioned earlier by Damon Albarn… Which was just brilliant and completed the Brits in our eyes!

10. Liam Gallagher paid tribute to Manchester Arena victims

Liam performed “Live Forever” in tribute to the Manchester Arena victims and to say it was moving would be a huge understatement. Although Ariana Grande was due to perform, Liam stepped up and did Manchester proud. Definitely, a moment to remember.


11. We found out Liam and Cheryl’s “safe word”

Jack Whitehall asked Liam about his upcoming 50 shades performance and Cheryl managed to escalate the situation, without warning. When asked if they have a safe word, Cheryl replies with “don’t stop”… That’ll brush off those rumours!